Top Cities To Study In New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most preferred study destinations across the globe. It has some of the best scenic locations in the world and attracts international students from all nations primarily because of its approachable and modern academic infrastructure. The New Zealand Qualification Authority or the NZQA ensures that you receive a world- class educational experience in the nation.

The nation offers you 25 state funded NZQA approved institutes that give students world class diploma and certificate programs. It is cost effective as far as academics is concerned and you have the option to go in for diverse streams like communication, arts, recreation, culinary arts, tourism and hospitality and accountancy courses. The nation is known for higher studies and students may also apply for a post study work permit if they wish to. Married students can apply for a full time work permit while their spouses study in New Zealand.

The following are the top 5 cities in New Zealand for international students-

1. Wellington- It is the capital city of New Zealand and has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the nation. Students can go to these beaches on weekends. The sunny weather is also very pleasant and welcoming to most students. Students find the city safe and peaceful. Some of the notable academic institutes here are The Victoria University of Wellington and The Massey University. The Victoria University is the fourth entrant in the QS World University Rankings and ranks 275th in the 2014/2015 edition. The Massey University ranks 346th in the QS World University Rankings in 2014/2015. The Victoria University is known for its world- class courses in science, law and humanity among other academic courses.

2. Auckland- The University of Auckland is famous here and it is the largest and highest ranked university in the nation. As per the QS World University Rankings of 2014/2015 it ranks 92nd in the world. There are 6 campuses and 8 Faculties in the nation. It is the largest city in the nation and rated to be the third city where you can live in thanks to the restaurants, lush green forests and shopping zones. Students can also attend the regular sports events and the cultural festivals and functions that take place in the city on a regular basis. The Auckland University of Technology is also an esteemed and widely respected academic institution in the nation and it is ranked among the best 550 institutions across the globe. Students are able to get a number of graduate and post-graduate courses like business, engineering, applied sciences, computer and information sciences.

3. Dunedin- This city is famous in New Zealand and has a lot of historical, cultural and geographical significance. You will experience mild summers and cool winters here. The weather is frosty and the snowballs during winters attract a lot of students to the city. The University of Otago is located here. It is the second entrant in the QS World University Rankings of 2014/2015 and is ranked 159th across the globe. This University is accredited by the EQUIS and the AACBS in the nation. The cost of living in this city is less over the other cities in New Zealand.

4. Christchurch- This city is known for The University of Canterbury that is the third largest ranked University at 211th in the world. This University is the second oldest institution for higher education in the nation. The University provides courses like arts, commerce, law, health sciences, music, speech and language pathology among the varied subjects that are mostly opted by the students here. The Lincoln University is also located here and it is ranked among the best 500 academic institutions in the world as per the QS World University Rankings of 2015/2016. There is another educational institution in the nation and it is the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology well known not only in the nation but across the globe as well. Students can opt for work-time employment while they are studying at Christchurch.

5. New Plymouth- This city is known for its soothing climatic conditions across the year and it is ideal for international students. The Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki or WITT is the state tertiary academic institution in the nation and it provides students with certificate and degree courses. Students can study media, Maori studies, electrical, business, agriculture, art, hospitality, social sciences, carpentry, beauty therapy and other subjects of their wish. The Pacific International Hotel Management School is also known for students willing to complete hotel management and experience practical training in a hospitality school.
All the cities listed above are excellent academic choices for the international student and when you opt for them, you will never regret the experience of studying in them.

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