Top Universities In UK for Studying Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the earliest branches of engineering and hardest branches of the subject to study. Here, you learn the fundamentals of mechanics, physics and engineering. When you have decided to study mechanical engineering in the UK, it is important for you to study in one of the best institutes of the land.

Given below are the top universities in UK for engineering-

  • Oxford Brookes University- This academic Institution is located in Oxford and established in 1865- the same year when the Oxford School of Art was founded. In 1992, this esteemed Institution was renamed to honor its former Principal John Henry Brookes. It is one of the best places for international students that desire to pursue mechanical engineering. The School of Architecture here is one of the largest campuses in the UK. It should be noted that The Oxford Brookes University is the 6th largest employer in Oxfordshire.

• Coventry University- This academic name is a public research university located at Coventry in England. It is one of the most popular mechanical engineering study in UK. It is ranked 15th out of the 119 universities in the UK. It was established under The Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and was formerly called The Lanchester Polytechnic until 1987. It was named Coventry Polytechnic until it received the status of a University. It is one of the best academic names for pursuing mechanical engineering in the UK.

• Imperial College- The Imperial College is one of the most famous Universities in the world. It is ranked the 4th in the world and the 9th in Technology and Engineering. It provides students with undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering.

• University of Leeds- Like The Imperial College, the University of Leeds is also one of the best places for studying mechanical engineering in the nation. This University was the recipient of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2009 for its services to Technology and Engineering.

• University of Bath- This reputed Institution is known for its research programs and industry links. Here, you can study your MSc in Automative Engineering, Innovation and Technology Management, Engineering Design and Mechatronics.

• University of Southampton- Approximately 95% graduates here found employment in just six months after receiving their degree from this Institute. Traditional core engineering subjects are offered here in the 3 year BEng Program.

• University of Sunderland- Those who are looking for top quality mechanical engineering courses at affordable tuition fees may opt for this University in the UK. However, undergraduate programs are only available for students here. 
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