University Of The Week — Wellington Institute Of Technology

Based in Wellington, the Wellington Institute of Technology is a major provider of quality tertiary training and education programmes.

Weltec’s history extends more than a 100 years although it was established in 2001 and this esteemed institute now educates more than 11,000 students which includes more than 10% of International students. The courses provided at the Wellington Institute of Technology are tailored to provide students with the skills they require to pursue their careers in industry and commerce.

What does the Wellington Institute of Technology Have to Offer?

The University of Wellington provides the right combination of theory and practical skills — The best of both worlds. Students studying at Weltec can connect with employers through Industry partnerships, work experience and case studies. Entering the workforce with a mix of skills and knowledge of today’s workplace makes new professionals stand out from the rest of the crowd with the best mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, just what Weltec provides and just what the employers demand.

The Wellington Institute of Technology provides a great range of programmes accredited by the NZQA which also serve as a base for higher-level degrees.

And as for accommodation, International students have the option of campus accommodation in the 222 Wills which is the newest accommodation development in Wellington New Zealand. Each apartment here is fully furnished with beds, chairs, wardrobes, Wi-Fi etc.

The following Youtube link will give you an overview of the Wellington Institute of Technology located in New Zealand:

Why WelTec

Employers seek graduates who are well accustomed to the latest technology, possess practical skills and those who can creatively solve any challenges they face.

Practical Programmes

WelTec offers work experience or work placement to upto 95% of its students. Work experience can be in the form of Internships, Field trips, Industry based projects and Practical work placements. 
Students studying at WelTec are made to work on real projects and on most occasions, employers directly recruit graduates from WelTec.

Industry Links

WelTec has established strong Industry and Professional connections. The Programmes offered at WelTec are developed closely with Industry Professionals to make sure that the qualifications and courses are relevant to employment and business needs.
Small Classes

The classes at WelTec are designed to ensure that a student receives Personal attention and does not get lost in the crowd. These small classes have been specifically designed so that students can benefit from individual attention and further build a bond with their teachers and classmates.

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