Stuff I’m Saying

Hi, I’m Mike.

I’m a taciturn introvert who likes to learn stuff & do stuff.

I’m sitting on my back porch, looking at the stars, listening to the neighborhood shut down, enjoying ‘Veronneau — Joie De Vivre’ on Pandora.

I just came off a rough primary on-call- not my worst by far, but still nearly a hundred pages and two mostly sleepless nights. Last night however, I slept beautifully, with not a single page.

I am always looking to improve, and one of my biggest weaknesses is communication, especially with strangers. Especially since I’ll be afflicted with some poor-choice orthodontia devices for the next six months, I certainly won’t be doing any great oratory; so here I’ll post about whatever I feel like talking about. It might be work related, it my be about parenting, it might be about that fat squirrel my murdercat keeps almost getting.

I’m also a voracious reader of sci-fi & fantasy, as well as currently reading through the Golden Age (1942 right now) of the Timely run of comics, through Marvel Unlimited. Sometimes I even like to pretend I have time to play video games as well.

I’m a 37 year old tech worker, entering my third decade of work. A father of two(4.5 & 0.5), a husband for nigh-16 years. I’m a high-school test-out and a college drop-out. I’ve worked at Netscape, Microsoft, Viacom, Cisco, & Twitter; as well as a dozen you’ve never heard of unless you worked there (if so, hi!)

My first “real” job was doing systems administration and software development for a family owned ISP, while underage. It was .. not a good place, but it made a good stepping stone into better jobs. My early career arc included a decent amount of server-side & black box QA, which when combined with my propensity to take things apart, pushed me towards the typical “DevOps” role long before that was a thing.

My less “real” jobs — and by that I mostly mean “unrelated to my career” include fast food worker, college docent, driver for John Elway (his car dealership- not him); and my favorite- sales assistant for a flea market booth where I wore a live iguana and hawked jewelry.

I love working with big databases, big datasets, automation & monitoring. I’ve worked in all the big languages on all the operating systems. The buzzwords I’m currently working primarily with are Hadoop, Python, & Ansible.

The projects that really catch my passion lately though are the non-work ones. Mostly that’s raising the two small bio-units, but as time allows I also enjoy carpentry, electrical engineering, almost getting 3d printers to work, drone flying, and fascinating about future projects. I also do some plumbing and car repair, though I don’t enjoy those as much. Basically, if I can learn something from repairing a broken something, I’ll take it apart and fix it.

Future projects not limited to: home automation — including robotics; gardening (from hydroponics to grafting & more); microwave smelting; actual 3d printing; probably even some welding.

I’m not sure if my next post will be about technology, or family, or a random anecdote about my day. I’ll be trying for at least one post a week, likely not more than one a day.

It might be about how awesome Netflix’s Daredevil is.

Current Book: A World Too Near (Entire and The Rose; 2)

Current Song: Lester Young & Teddy Wilson — Pres & Teddy

Current Games: Lego Batman 2 w/the boy; Castlevania: LOS