How to Paint a Room: Task Analysis

Hey I’m Monique! I live in a apartment in Ohio with my three roommates Danni, Julia, and Laura. I recently got really bored staring at our white walls and thought it would be fun to paint our living room. This is the story of my conniving to get what I want. Also some people might call this Task Analysis Mapping. Task Analysis is the process of breaking a skill into smaller, more manageable steps in order to teach the skill. As the smaller steps are mastered, the learner becomes increasingly independent in his or her ability to perform the larger skill but really I just want to get my way.

So Step 1 is to read over our lease and check with our Landlord. You would figure I shouldn’t have to do both but sometimes people suck and I want my security deposit back.

I have roommates and they get a say in what color their house is, which means I cant just go to the store and pick what I want. There has to be some type of voting system so it seems fair. At the roommate meeting I made sure to give them the info from my chat with the landlord and then we all had to choose one color to be our top pick. But just to be clear, we are going with what I want.

Whew! Who knew we had a tape measurer in this apartment. It took me 45 minutes to find this stupid thing. But find it we did and our living room is a respectable 15'x15'. However, a bigger room means more paint which means its gonna cost more #thestruggle.

The girls and I went to Lowe’s together. We needed color swatches to get a better idea of our options. The clerk thought we were funny (it might’ve had something to do with the dance competition we had in the aisles) Two of us couldn’t choose a color so they decided (were strongly convinced by a somewhat neutral party) that they liked the two current ideas enough. We’re getting closer to my choice being the winner!

While we were at the store we picked up a few tester paint cans to see how the paint looks when it dries and if the lighting in our apartment worked well with the color. Two days after we voted on colors.

When we went back to Lowe’s the clerk was there again and helped us mix all of our colors and buy the right supplies. It takes a lot of things to paint a room. Tape, brushes, rollers, paint, primer, paint trays and more! But all stocked up and excited to start our project we left poorer than we walked in.

We split into teams for the actual painting. Four people in the room might have made it go quicker but it probably would have been too crowded for four people to work at once. Julie and Laura applied two coats of primer.

Finally the most important step! Actually painting the room. Danni and I took this on. We ended up apply two coats of pale yellow wall paint and one coat of the blue trim.

All of us love our new living room. Breaking the task down into smaller pieces was extremely beneficial. If you want to use task analysis there are only a few steps to remember.

Identify the task that you need to complete. Then break it down into at least 4 smaller manageable subtasks. Write each of them down or draw them like I did! Analyze your drawings to make sure there are no missing steps. You should take your time on this step. You want to ensure you have all of your subtasks are covered before you begin. It will save you time and worry in the long run. Perhaps you need to reorganize some of your steps to make the project go smoother?At least its only drawings instead or real work! Talk it over with someone a fresh pair of eyes never hurt anyone. Now get started, you’re all set!

Oh and in case you were wondering, I wanted pink :(

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