Onboarding Remotes at Hudl

tl:dr; — Want to join a team currently kicking ass in the Sports Tech world? Hudl is actively looking for new members to join the product team. We have offices in Lincoln, Omaha, Boston and London, but we are also hiring remotely! For available positions visit http://grnh.se/hfr13e.

Joining as a remote employee in a company far far away is a daunting thing. Whilst modern technology breaks most of the barriers that come with having an employee in another state/country, it still relies on equal input from both parties to make it work.

I’ve recently experienced that daunting feeling, joining the Product team at Hudl and I feel pretty fortunate to have had a successful transition into my new role — something I feel is down to the hard work of my new colleagues and the company’s onboarding techniques. …


Stu Greenham

Product Designer @ Hudl. Proud Yorkshireman.

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