Go Daddy Now

“#LogoGate” has been quite the phenomenon in recent weeks. From Verizon, to Google to even a few months back with Logitech, we’ve seen — for the most part — evolutionary results. The fever is welcomed. Debating design challenges and inspires design. We begin to see things in new ways — and question old. Just like a sport, design emerges the strongest of opinions and the boldest of characters. We tackle some, we hit home runs, we high five, we win some and we lose some. It’s exhilarating. It’s always that first play — the kick, the hit, the tip — that sets the game in motion. Now I’m playing too — here’s my kick off.

Go Daddy has been “The Daddy” for hosting and domains for quite some time. Two words alone, “Super Bowl” make them a point of conversation. The grand daddy of hosting has planted some deep roots in the internet soil — but from a visual identity perspective, seems to have stunted it’s own growth. From the spiked hair to the green glasses, all the way down to the “inked” written font — Daddy seems more like an aging Grandpa. While I’m not entirely sure of it’s design legacy and story, I too visualized an evolution here. Trying not to exhaust the design process and merely show potential — I got inspired.

My intent was to make this feel fresh, while maintaining visual attributes that have stayed with Go Daddy since it’s entire run. For instance — those “spikes” carried over just above the “D” with intent. I wanted to merge the “bug” with the typeface to have a more unified spirit — feeling more connected. This also compliments it’s business of “connectivity.” Interpreting the current font choice, the “Go Daddy” words deliver a jovial spirit — and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I used that as a point of direction for this evolution exercise. For the name, I brought in the mood elevating Pacifico, adjusting the kerning and serifs, maintaining that current spirit of “happy” and “easy.” There it is. Nothing revolutionary — this is Go Daddy, evolved.