Punjabi Suit Stitching Designs for Women

  • Kali kurta or ka lidar kurta which looks like frock which is made up of many square pieces and it has two central panels of rectangular shapes on both sides back and front.
  • Lucknowi Kurti is traditional can be long as well as short by using 12 yards cloth. It has the panel which overlaps another panel and has Chikan embroidery on straight cut Kurti.
  • Hyderabad kurti is like short top Kurti which has a neck opening keyhole with sitting around by the waist. It is renowned in the local households which are Royal, located in Hyderabad (where it is more wearable). It is made up of white material earlier, but you can find in its modern versions of many colors. Some of its patterns have exclusive content with the combination of it is known as jaali large which is wearable by both men and women.
  • Bhopali kurti is a kind of loose designer Pakistani kurtis which have waist’s pleats and it will flow like a skirt and will reach its midway to the knees or ankle. Usually, it can be worn with straight pajama.
  • Dogri Kurti is a men’s wear which can be open at its front and flares out at hips.
  • Overlapping Kurti is similar to mini gown and does not flow straight.
  • Straight cut Kurti is a simple usually made up of cotton and comfortable to wear.

Similarly, there are regional embroidery, prints, and designs on Punjabi suit stitching designs which is admirable by many. Multani Kurti, Punjabi Phulkari, Phulkari Bandhani, Muktsar, Delhi, Sindhi, Assamese Panjabi, Bengali-Punjabi, etc. every state has their own recognized attires. Similarly, they also wear a particular type of Kurtis also.

Both options are available either you can buy designable Punjabi suit stitching designs directly from the store, or you can buy clothes then give it to tailor for stitching who makes your design.

  • Cotton Kurtis are very comfortable to wear, especially in summers. Cotton Kurti has pretty embroidery designs by different colors of threads.
  • Party wear Kurtis have beautiful designs which help you to look fabulous. You can also buy it online from several sites which are available. You can wear it in parties as an alternative option from sarees if you find any trouble in wearing saree.
  • Ready-made Kurtis is good to wear which you can buy instantly and of your shape too. These are available in the market too. The prefabricated designer Kurti Neck designs are designed to remember the size of normal people size like small, medium, large, and extra-large and double extra-large size. If it is not fit to anyone, then they can stitch as per their size.

Kurti usually wears by everyone because it is easy to wear and most comfortable to carry, this is the reason people like it. Many beautiful designer long kurtis are also available in the market, so it is easy to buy too.