“Take control of your life.”

Happy New Year everybody! I really do feel great about this one, happy with this clean slate I am figuratively staring at. I am definitely ready to reset and start making the necessary changes to regain control of my everyday life.

I have recently read a great book titled “Outwitting The Devil” and I highly recommend it to you. I realized, even with all the actions I have recently taken and how liberated I have been feeling, I still find myself on “auto-pilot” at times, what the book refers to as “drifting”. During these moments, I am basically being led by another force. Some actions I take, due to formed bad habits, will not cease without conscience effort being applied. I have to snap out of it. I must quit cigarettes, start saving money and start eating healthier, start taking better control of my body. These changes will not come overnight. What worth it does?

Demand more. Demand better. It’s up to me and only me to take full advantage of every moment. Or else it slips by, as I await and look forward to what is later (not living in the moment). Writing down a schedule and daily goals will be huge if I can stick with it. Because of the shift I work, it is difficult to maintain the same schedule everyday. No excuses though, only adjustments. Taking control, “non-drifting”, is essential to living a fulfilled life, which I certainly intend to do. This means every action is taken, with intent behind it, with a clearly defined purpose. And yes everything matters! Handling small responsibility is merely a test of our capabilities for handling the large.

I must not leave a stone unturned. I must not keep reflecting on changes that need to be made, I need to make them. I have drifted before, entirely, and it was dreary. Numb, empty, lost, no purpose, no life force. It was dark. Today, I see the light and how bright it is. However, I cannot say I’m half drifting. I either am or aren’t. Is there a grey area here while in progression? I believe so because I have faith in the process. I will take control of my life and accept responsibility for all decisions. I wish you all a happy and successful year!

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