Kurt Metzger Needs to Shut Up
Nikki Black

“ Much has been written on Kurt Metzger’s history of harassing women onlinefor trying to speaking out on women’s issues in a way that doesn’t quite jibe with him”

Gonna go ahead and correct this for you. — When a person disagrees with your loud comment on a public platform, they have the right to tell you so and they can use any words they’d like to do it, save for threats or stalking. Telling you your logic is missing in colorful “mean” words is not harassment, it’s called facing harsh criticism for your flagrant, careless use of speech, or for having a faulty argument, or for being completely dedicated to an opinion that someone else completely dedicates their time to disagreeing with, by typing out words. You are playing the victim and basing it on your gender in the first sentence of your whatever this is. Blog?