7 Indian web series that you should watch right now

1. Ladies Room

With the tagline of 2 girls, 6 loos, infinite fun Ladies Room is a story about two best friends.It’s a story about modern day women struggling to grow up even if they grow old.These girls are mad , bad and completely unapologetic.Checkout their journey on Youtube here Ladies Room

2. All about sec-377

All about sec-377 is a fictional story about two gay guy living in India.It focuses on the problems faced by LGBT community in India. Checkout their journey on Youtube here All about sec 377

3. NOT FIT by Dice Media

NOT FIT is the most under-appreciated Indian web series ,thanks goes to DICE MEDIA. It is the India’s first mockumentary web series. Checkout their journey in Youtube here NOT FIT


Divorced, jobless , hopeless. Three siblings plan on a road trip together.Together they start a hillarious journey to find themselves and their relations. Checkout the tripling journey here TVF TRIPLING

5. Baked by scoopwhoop

BAKED is India’s most ambitious orginal fiction series which chronicles the misadventures of three university flatmates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service.This genre -bending series takes you on a roller coster ride as our odd ball trio juggle student life with business, and invariably manage to land themselves in trouble. Check out the baked episodes here BAKED

6. The Trip

This is a story of four girlfriends who go on a road trip in thailand as a part of bride’s bachelorette , the journey though, turns into an emotional roller coster. Checkout The Trip episodes here The Trip

7. Love Shots

love shots is a set of six amusing short films that paint an honest and amusing pictures of love. The series traces love in a unconventional way, across all ages and professions. Checkout the love shots here Love Shots

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