Do you clickbait for more traffic ?

You have a website or a blog.Your aim is to provide quality content to your readers and earn some money.Though you have quality content your bounce rate is very high,you are unable to attract the readers towards your blog.Someone asked you to try clickbait.

you wonder what it is.

What is Clickbait ?

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Most probably clickbait is the easiest and short lived way to earn huge traffic in a short span of time.Most of the time while browsing through the web you’ll notice some taglines like — “5 things you should before you die” , “this happened you won’t believe what happened next” , “7 easiest to earn money online”, “5 reasons you should never visit this place” etc.Out of curiosity you will click in the link to know what’s in there.Most of the times websites with such headlines fails to deliver what it promises. So ‘CLICKBAIT’ is a content marketing way with catchy and sensational headlines to attract a huge traffic in a short duration of time.

Is Clickbait and Bounce Rate are interconnected?

Before understanding the relation between clickbait and bounce rate , one should know what bounce rate exactly is.Bounce rate is generally a term used by bloggers to refer single page session in a particular blog. A single page session means the reader only reads a particular content and bounces away without visiting other contents of your blog.

Let us assume that you have a website with 1000 visitors/day.Out of this 1000 ,500 are organic visitors.Organic visitors are those who comes to your website directly from search engine like google,bing,yahoo etc.Though you have quality content , your traffic is only 1000 visitors/day. So you’ve decided to put a clickbait article in your blog in order to increase the traffic and within a week,your traffic is 2000 visitors/day.When the readers will understand that they’re wasting their time ,they will start to bouce away from your blog.If you keep posting such clickbait content for a long time then those organic visitors will also bounce away from your website.



If you publish clickbait content with proper planning then it will not harm your blog.But remember ‘quality content’ and clever marketing of it will keep going your blog in the long run, clickbait not.

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