Our Own Fragility

I LOVE the internet. I’ve been on it since I made Nicole explain chat rooms to me back in 1996/97. I’m still a newbie on it even though I’m sure some people on my feed might not have been born then.

I love it because I can connect with people all over the world and form communities with people I would not have met — even if I was walking down the street in their hometown.

I’ve learned about different cultures, languages and governments. I’ve seen incredible people overcome huge obstacles and I’ve been there to cheer them on.

But It’s exhausting too. I’m seeing more criticism than supportive communities. If someone voices an opinion or concern there is 10,000 people telling them they said it wrong or didn’t come close to getting it right or how dare they have a right to say anything at all. Even when they are trying to support really worthwhile causes. It’s never quite good enough anymore. I’m not saying we can’t always improve, expand or be enlightened. We are all on that journey but we can’t recognize others are on different tracks than us. I worry we are losing our ability to empathize & recognize others.

We’ve become so fragile that everything is an attack — we’re attacked, we attack. Strike others before we’re struck. We won’t blink an eye at a Hollywood action movie where whole cities are toppled and mass people are killed except for our hero but if someone talks about something we believe in and it doesn’t match our ideas — it’s an outrage!

In online businesses, I am seeing a trend to eliminate the competition by pointing out their flaws or make them seem worth less than instead of focusing on what makes a brand different. Even focusing on who the brand owner is as a person. Instead of allowing the consumer to look at benefits and opportunities they get to compare flaws.

I got called a social justice warrior last week because I believe a woman can choose to have a wedding or not. Apparently that makes me a hypocrite because I made the decision to have a wedding.

I get why people stay quiet while the country votes for “change”. I get why it’s easy to walk by while someone abuses someone else. Because sometimes a passerby can be turned into a victim. And we’re all fragile. We’re all just a little worried that someone’s only luggage is a loaded gun.

Be Excellent To Each Other.