How social media killed film: A social media story.

Just before xmas whilst watching the fourth Star Wars: Rogue One trailer it dawned on me…

“I’ve seen this film already”

And not just because the crawl in the New Hope told me the plot, body and end result… I just felt like I’d seen the film…

Hmmmm but it’s not even been released…

Had I seen it on a dodgy pirate!?


Had I gone to a land far far away and seen a special preview?


And then it hit me…

I spend too much time on social media.

You know… Facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other ones the cool kids are into.

When I was 13 years old my dad took me to see ‘Star Trek: First Contact at the cinema in Blackpool… it was an old school cinema that has since housed the clubbing paradise that was ‘Syndicate’

or maybe not.

I had never been a Star Trek fan but I was so excited to be there in that moment to see a film I hadn’t known much of anything about and just the experience, the queue before hand, the wondering whether they thought I looked 12, the smell of the popcorn.

I remember seeing 2 minutes of MIB and the sequel to Jurassic Park before the film.

I was transfixed, blown away and so excited! How good would these films be!?!?! What was to come? Erm that’s another story…

But it’s all gone… all of it. Before every film I see there’s 3 trailers, 5 features and 2 ‘TV spots’!!??

There’s evens dudes on IGN gluing all of these clips together to try and get an idea of what the film is!!?? Like really…

Where’s the intrigue?! The Unknown?! In fact the best films i’ve seen in the past year have been ones I knew nothing about. Nada. Zilch. This is what cinema is about.

I, like many, spend hours on the internet trawling for clues about the upcoming films and I HATE it! It’s ruins everything! Social media has killed cinema!

I literally knew exactly what Batman v Superman was before it even arrived at our cineplex (it was crap).

So I’m turning it off. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. All of it.

Let’s be honest, I won’t… but you get the picture. We know too much.

I think it’s partly why people don’t go the cinema anymore.

People talk a lot about streaming (Illegally or otherwise) and of course that plays a big part but I feel that all the content we get on internet based channels is overloading us with information we don’t need! If there was more mystique to going to see a new film at the cinema we would go more!

Imagine going to the cinema to watch the new marvel movie without knowing a thing about it?!

Sounds fun right?!

It is fun. And film should be fun. Let’s just know less about the films before we actually see them eh?

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