This Week in Gay Videos: Davey Wavey, Michael Henry, Kyle Krieger, Michael Urie, Max Emerson

There was a spate of great and gay videos online this week. Below, check out some of our favorites, featuring Davey Wavey, Michael Henry, Kyle Krieger, Michael Urie, and Max Emerson.

Davey Wavey tells you what NOT to say to someone in an open relationship.

Speaking of open relationships, Michael Henry recreates that feeling when your more promiscuous friend gets into a relationship (while you’re still single).

On a more serious note, Kyle Krieger, Marti Gould Cummings and others open about substance abuse and the LGBT community.

Actor Michael Urie strips down to his skivvies while performing a mashup of “Going to the Chapel” and “Not Gonna Get Married with (you guessed it) The Skivvies.

Do you know unfunny gay guys who think they are, in fact, funny? Max Emerson and Matteo Lane feel your pain. But there’s a twist! So watch til the end.

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