Project GROW — episode 2

Week #2, Aug 2017

So we watched Seven Years in Tibet over the weekend. Still not really sure why..

BUT it did have several of those

“day #7, the storm is making progress painfully slow — not sure if we’re going to make it before Winter sets in”

lines in it. Which was good — because even though I was convinced movies existed where they said stuff like that — I couldn’t for the life of me think of one when I was writing last week’s episode #ididn’timagineit

All of which to say — week #2, one week week in and off to a solid start. Well, kindof (see below). Definitely a successful week though. And definitely something is coming into being. Most noticeably, we got out of the boat.. ⛵️

The Conference

We have a business mentor, actually, we have multiple business mentors — cos there’s a lot you don’t know when you’re starting out. And we’re blessed to have people who are particularly brilliant in specific areas and help us in those different areas.

PS if you don’t have a mentor (or two) — STOP reading this right now and go do something about it. You can thank me later..

Anyhow, it turned out that all our mentors/coaches had given us the same advice: start going to conferences where our customers will be at, not to chill and attend awesome sessions — but go armed with business cards and an elevator pitch and do some guerrilla marketing.

SO off I went to bbcon..

Now I have to be honest — this was a huge out-of-the-boat moment for me. By which I mean well and truly outside of my comfort zone. Out of the safety of the boat that was keeping me afloat and out into the ocean where all I can do is trust I won’t sink (and smile and be nice to people!).

Turns out there were some pretty awesome people @ bbcon — so smiling and being nice came pretty easily. And I quickly realised that if I was just genuine, and enthusiastic + passionate about all the things we believe in and want to help with — those that shared the same passions (and problems to be solved) were genuinely interested in sharing ideas & contact details, and a lot of future solutions were set in motion!

Oh, and it turned out there actually were some pretty awesome sessions too — nice work bbcon

All in all, major success and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. 
But then I started thinking..

Yes and No..

Did we step out of the boat — YES
Did we instigate some cool stuff — YES
Did we move forward towards our goals — NOT REALLY

You see our stated goals for this next 6mths (for project GROW!) are to

  1. Build our next product
  2. Figure out how to sell it

And all of that guerrilla marketing success had added a little to point 2. But we weren’t a single line of code nearer our real objective of building the product. And as the weekend drew on — I became increasingly convinced that in fact there was a good argument we were going round in circles talking about making a start

It all felt a bit like the Israelites must have felt when God said to them:

“You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north.”

And when even God has had enough of you going round in circles you know it’s time to DO something. NOW.

SO here I am, sitting on Balmoral Beach , heeding the call to stop circling and head North.

All I need to do now is figure out where ‘North’ is!!!!

Week #2 — here we come..