I am not a story
Michael Ruiz

I agree with your thoughts on the impossibility of the narratives of humanity. I’m fully convinced that humans, by nature, are anti-narrative. Although many would love to think of themselves as narrative, it’s hard to find valid proof that they are. People are random, spontaneous, and ever percolating. We as humans are expected to change and grow. There’s simply no way to produce truthful, narratives of our lives, as narratives are naturally fabricated and controlled. The choices that people make everyday are not the only factor that affect the course of their life. External factors, such as, friends, family, work, relationships affect how people think, react ,and respond to the all the various happenings in ones life. How could a person have a narrative that is based fully in the truth? Narratives are fantasy and have no grounds in honesty or reality. A narrative is controlled, life simply is not. Therefore, humans are anti-narrative.

I identify myself as non-narrative as I strongly believe that my fate and destiny are not in my own hands. There’s no way for me to know what’s in my future. I can control very small portions of my life, but even those “controlled areas” are that way because of influences from the non-controlled aspects of my life. No matter how hard one tries, it’s very hard to find evidence of a narrative in any way.

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