The Friendship Assemblage
Michael Ruiz

I don’t quite agree that friendship algorithms are more convenient for the user. I feel that the whole idea is more inconvenient in the long-run because there’s a huge possibility that those suggested friends will not successfully create solid relationships with you. Yes, the algorithm suggests people who are in a shared category, but this does not mean that a suggested friend is the missing piece of a person’s puzzle. A person suggested to me might be put in all the same categorizes and have the same interests and likes, but if we were to talk face to face, there is a huge possibility that we can be completely different people because there are so many things that Facebook can miss as a person’s full consciousness isn't uploaded and linked to an account. There is no way to know if a person is lying or if they are altering something about themselves or if they were put into your categorizes because of something they liked 5 years ago.

All of my genuine friendships started out in real life and then proceeded to carry over to the digital world. I think that Facebook just spoils the value of finding true friends. Just because I know a person and can contact them doesn't mean that they really know me or that I’ve invited them fully into my life. Relationships that develop without any digital aid are the best ones, in my opinion, and definitely last longer, as the foundations of the relationship aren’t set in the ever-percolating grounds of social media, but are rooted in raw and real personalities coming to together by their own choice.

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