All the bot BS
Sar Haribhakti

I think bots are going to start making a lot of sense very soon. Facebook/Messenger is going to remove friction over time. It’s got the people (like you’ve said) and no doubt has and will continue to harvest things like bank accounts/payment info.

I like to think of Messenger as an early-stage Uber. As convenient as Uber is on a dialy basis it’s also global which means that I don’t need to keep adding payments and finding new local transport every time I am in a new city or country. Sure this isn’t why everyone likes Uber.

But that’s what Messenger has the capability of doing/being. No more sign-ups, no more adding your credit/debit card to every new online store you go to. Just order through Messenger.

Right now people don’t have the “intent” to search for bots and use them because a lot of people

  1. Don’t know they exist.
  2. The majority of bots out there, suck.

I agree with you that bots will “take off” for a very specific problem type, most likely having been coded by programmers and not frameworks. I like the idea of the frameworks which you touched on but in reality (you are right) it will just create noise. When there is noise, the best of the bunch will still rise to the top.

Liked your articles points though, they definitely need to be addressed.

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