Best commentaries on the Fruit of the Spirit

Beale: ‘The Old Testament Background of Paul’s Reference to the “Fruit of the Spirit” in Galatians 5:22’, Bulletin for Biblical Research 15 (2005): 1–38. [I didn’t read it but Fesko says he found it very helpful]

Fesko. A lot of background — particularly OT — but very little on each of the fruit themselves.

Jerry Bridges — good.

Bridges quite often quotes an 1839 work by George Washington Bethune — a Dutch Reformed minister in New York, who secretly edited five editions of a book about Angling on the side.
(When using any commentary by someone working of the KJV, remember that it translates ‘kindness’ as ‘gentleness’ (for some reason — it’s the only one of 10 occurences of the word they translate that way)).

Luther has a brief section in vol 27

Moo Galatians

Wright — Becoming like Jesus (Faithlife ebooks so works in logos — cheap on kindle). Republished as ‘Cultivating the fruit of the Spirit’. Short video summaries here. Approaches them from an OT background which is helpful.

Boston sermon on them all in vol 4 sermons part 2 — though it’s on Eph 5.9

Chester Reforming Joy — UK title rediscovering joy. Very unjoyful Crossway cover!

Keller’s definition of them from ‘Galatians for you’.

John Brown (Edinburgh): “The Spirit” here, as throughout the whole context, is the new way of thinking and feeling to which a man is formed by the faith of the truth. Now “the fruit” of this is just the disposition and habits that grow out of it. “Love”2 is enlightened benignant affection toward God and man; “joy” is holy cheerfulness; “peace”4 is a peaceful disposition, rising out of “the peace of God keeping the mind and heart;” “long-suffering” is patience under ill-treatment long continued;6 “gentleness” is kindness—readiness to forgive and relieve;8 “goodness” is a disposition to oblige;10 “faith” is fidelity;12 “meekness” is lenity, or a disposition to bear, forbear, and forgive;14 “temperance” is continence—moderation, in our estimate, desire, and pursuit, of worldly good.

Jmark, Alistair Begg



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