Have you ever been to a truly great performance? Think about the best music festival or play that you’ve attended. Seeing artists perform at the top of their game is one of the most amazing experiences. When we see mastery in front of us, it’s engaging and it moves us.

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Tame Impala — Nick Cane via Unsplash.com

I spent many years as a working musician touring with bands all over the US and occasionally abroad. While I’m not sure any of my performances would register at the aforementioned level of awesomeness, that experience gave me a backstage perspective. Behind every great performance, there are many factors that have been arranged that allow for the performance to go off without a hitch. This is usually a combination of the venue, the stage dressing, and the actual on-stage talent. These are prearranged conditions that work together to make the whole performance a success. …

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