Have you ever been to a truly great performance? Think about the best music festival or play that you’ve attended. Seeing artists perform at the top of their game is one of the most amazing experiences. When we see mastery in front of us, it’s engaging and it moves us.

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Tame Impala — Nick Cane via Unsplash.com

I spent many years as a working musician touring with bands all over the US and occasionally abroad. While I’m not sure any of my performances would register at the aforementioned level of awesomeness, that experience gave me a backstage perspective. Behind every great performance, there are many factors that have been arranged that allow for the performance to go off without a hitch. …

A fanciful illustration of people moving colorful Trello cards around
A fanciful illustration of people moving colorful Trello cards around

Every few years there is a tidal shift in the tooling used by Designers for web products. I’m old enough now to have been an evangelist of Fireworks, Photoshop, and more recently, Sketch. I even wrote this post about how great working in Sketch was. 2017 Stu was pretty smitten by the Sketch thing. Fast forward to 2019: I have been completely won over by Figma (along with most of the Trello Design team) and it all boils down to how well it works with a remote team.

Back in 2017, I would design a comp in Sketch, push my work up to Abstract to keep track of my versions, and then shared my work with colleagues and stakeholders on Invision. If I wanted anything slightly fancy in terms of interactions or transitions, I’d open up Principle and make a video of my idea to share around. …

Recently, I was helping my wife with a problem she was having in Adobe Illustrator and I had the sudden realization that I’ve been using these apps for half of my life. Fifteen stinking years! I remember right where it all started too: my sophomore Year Book class. It was just me, Illustrator 10, a Power Mac G4, and a ton of teenage angst. I still love my Adobe apps after all of these years and I’m amazed at the staying power of the entire Creative Suite. After all these years, they feel like home in many ways.

But, if you’ve read the title of this post, you know I want to talk about Sketch. Now, I’m definitely not one of those people that spends much time participating in the Sketch vs. PSD holy wars on Twitter. I think that whole thing is silly. What is true for me is that switching my interactive work to Sketch has dramatically changed my day to day productivity. I bit the bullet in November of 2015 and haven’t looked back since. …

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