The subject of many a crime thrillers and Hollywood blockbusters, art-heists are not your average robbery. Complicated to execute and often dramatic, they are notorious for the glamour they command. While many artworks are swiped for ransom, the disappearance of some remain a true mystery! Here are some of the most famous stolen paintings in the world that are yet to be found!

The Concert by Johannes Vermeer, the most valuable missing painting in the world

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Rembrandt

One of the most valuable missing pieces of art in the world, this 1633 painting depicts a scene from the Bible, where Jesus calms a storm at sea that…

When one says ‘furniture’, we tend to think about beds, sofas and dining tables. But ‘accent furniture’ refers to those smaller pieces of furniture, that completely lift the décor of any room, and add a distinct style quotient by grabbing everyone’s attention.

Amongst the different types of accent furniture, is the quintessential Side Table, which can be used just for aesthetic value, or to place objects on. The perfect side table will add value to any room it is placed in. Here are 10 unique side tables from Artisera that ooze character, style, and class!

1. Miniature Art Tables


Home to more than 2,500 tribes and ethnic groups, a large part of India’s cultural diversity is etched in the varied art forms of the country’s indigenous people.

Over the years, these ancient forms of art have undergone changes. Natural pigments and dyes have been replaced by acrylic paints and inks, and while the traditional paintings were mostly used for decorating walls of houses, they are now portrayed on canvasses.

In spite of this, tribal and folk art today, gives us a glimpse into India’s rich heritage. Here are 5 such art form that you need to know!



If we go by the adage “Clothes Make the Man”, then your Home is no different. Home is a reflection of who you are — your beliefs, your expressions, your interests, your personality and your inspirations. And Art brings all this together — Art, as seen through furniture, paintings, sculptures, rugs, mirrors, lights, and accent pieces.

You can completely transform a space with Art. All you have to do is select the right pieces to match your personality and spirit. …

Purchasing art, specially paintings, can sometimes be a bit daunting. Many first time buyers find art inaccessible either because they don’t know much about it, or the costs are very high, especially when it comes to works of established, well-known artists. And this is where Prints can be a great alternative worth considering.

What are Prints?

Prints are reproductions of artworks (paintings), and they play a prominent role in making art more accessible. Just like original paintings, prints are made on different kinds of paper or canvas. Some of the more popular print-making techniques are lithography, serigraphy and giclee. …

His paintings depict feminine beauty of a different kind. They neither portray the ‘slim’ and ‘light-skinned’ damsel of popular culture, nor do they seek to make a statement through overly worked or distorted illustrations of women.

(Untitled. Image Source: Sanchit Art)

Thota Vaikuntam simply binds himself to his rural roots and creates soothing, powerful art, that embodies feminine and rural beauty as he knows it. He paints the quintessential Telangana people of his childhood, the ones he has grown up around, and the ones he is most familiar with.

Abstract patterns in warm hues of gold, brown, bronze, orange and blue, sparkle in the mellow sunshine pouring in through the windows. This is how you are welcomed into the space that Abhigna Kedia uses as her studio in Bangalore. Unique resin artworks adorn every wall of the emerging artist’s studio, where her creativity is fueled by music and poetry. “I always have great music playing when I’m working,” she says, adding that she goes through different phases with music, and is currently listening to Jimmy Sax.

An Early Love for Art

Abhigna Kedia’s passion for art runs deep —…

Over the past decade, shopping has truly gone digital. From flight tickets to electronics, groceries, furniture and jewellery, we now buy everything online. But when it comes to purchasing high value art, some of us are not quite as comfortable with online shopping. Despite the obvious benefits to buying art online, such as access to a large collection and no geographical constraints, many hesitate to make a purchase without any physical interaction with the seller, or feel unsure about the authenticity of the artwork.

Here are nine useful tips from Artisera that can help you enjoy your online art buying…

The Lost Wax Technique of Casting — How the Finest Sculptures Are Made Around the World

The craft of making sculptures using different metals dates back thousands of years. Since the earliest of civilizations, metals have been melted, cast and shaped in moulds to create statues. But the level of intricacy and detailing achieved can vary significantly, depending on the process of casting. The lost wax casting technique was invented to create the finest level of detail in sculpting. It is a method of metal casting, in which hot metal is poured into a wax model, which is ‘lost’ during the process. Taking its name from the French term “cire perdue”, the lost wax casting technique…

Wrapped with Love — A Guide to Creative Gift Ideas

The last few months of the year are full of festivities, weddings and celebrations. And that means, you’re constantly searching for unique gifts, whether it’s for an art connoisseur-in-the-making or a thoughtful party planner who looks into every small detail; someone who devours world food and all fine things, or a newly-wed couple building their first home together.

Here’s your guide to some of the most personal, classy, and different gift ideas that will make this season special for your loved ones.

1. Art Limited

Celebrate creativity this festive season with our ‘Limited Edition Signed Prints’ by world-renowned Indian artists…

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