Anatomy of a social disposal


Im sure you have at one time or another heard of my name somewhere on the interwebs in hushed tones warning you about all of the evil things ive supposedly done.

For years ive not really put words down in long form about this situation and tried to combat the nonsense as it came up with ehh varying degrees of success lets say.

The purpose i believe of the various lies told about me are purely to ensure that i have no connection to community, no voice, no income and no life. As to the motives of wanting to dispose of me i can only guess, but it likely has a lot to do with me being rather vocal about many topics that upset people.

Im gonna address the two most major things people throw at me, or my friends.

  1. “I heard you were a rapist”

Well frankly thats not true at all and where this comes from is two places.

There is a trans woman named Natalie Durkin. She's a stalker. With multiple victims. She admitted to making up a false accusation against me and this admission was made public by the person she admitted it to. Nobody cared. Natalie also liked to make dozens of sockpuppets to back herself up on things and harass people. Shes tangentially linked to sites like kiwifarms though i don't know how much she is anymore. Her user account there is Typhoid Mary but since i dont read the site anymore idk how active she is

Here is the documentation from the people she admitted to making it up to.

Theres a second trans woman by the name of Zoey Wolfe. She first got ahold of me (unbeknownst to me at the time that this is why she did it) because i had an encyclopedia dramatica article written about me, she visited me, we had consensual sex, in front of witnesses. We had plans to meet up again. Then i found out she was creepy and had only liked me because she thought the ED stuff was true. I broke it off with her. To take attention off of the impending callout she felt was going to happen she made an accusation, ironically she was later outed and admitted to being a predator herself. I dont post this lightly but she herself confessed to this on her tumblr page. There is no dispute in this case

Her claim that i raped her is simply based in the fact she had one hit off of a weed pipe before hand, while i was actually very intoxicated. Then these two events caused a game of telephone and depending on who you ask mutates into anywhere from 5 to 21 people who simply do not exist.

2. I heard you were an FBI informant.

No. Just no. I was raided by the FBI in 2011 and they took my hard drives and did question me, i did an interview with gawker about the subject that other outlets copied from. I specifically told gawker that i didnt tell them anything because i didnt really know anything. Adrian Chen lied about what i told him and printed it as “telling them everything”. When confronted by this by me he refused to change it. To this day he still has a career in journalism.

Now a number of well meaning people have attacked me for this over the years, but theres a focused and willful cadre of malicious actors who keep pushing this narrative against me and have for years. These people obsessively attack me, my friends, my partners and anyone who says a kind word about me.

Im hardly a perfect human, im abrasive, angry a lot and i dont have a lot of patience. Ive had to do some questionable things just to get food at some points in my life. Im kind of an asshole. As i said. Im hardly perfect. But what im not is what these abusive, stalkery people are spreading and have been spreading for years.

Disposing of vocal unpopular trans women is something that has been going on for years in online leftist circles. People use us for our ideas and labor then throw us away as ~problematic~ almost every single time. Many articles out there have been written on disposability culture, on how trans women are used, abused and discarded. We all know this exists and that its real.

Extracting value out of a vulnerable person to gain credibility and “merit” is a practice much older than the internet. Its not only happened to me over the years, but other trans women with increasing frequency over just the last month. From the exact same group of people i might add.