How to Use Your University of Victoria Web Space

Because most students have no idea that it even exists…

Stevie Howard
Sep 29, 2017 · 3 min read

“Computing Services allows personal homepages on This web space can be used to host web pages, where owners can add and maintain content as well as set permissions. All faculty, staff, and students are allotted 1 GB of disk space, to be used either for email or web space. All computing usage at UVic, including personal web spaces, are subject to policy IM7200.”

Every student (regardless of faculty) is provided a web space at:


note the tilde before yourNetlinkID: “~”

You can use it for simple file serving, like this, or you can put a full, rich webpage on it, like this.

Pretty decent, right? Too bad no-one knows how to use it…


The web server is accessible via, so to upload your files, you will need to connect to that server. You can connect via your favourite FTP client (like Cyberduck) or simply use the command line, if you’re good like that. See the screenshots below for details.

Option 1: Cyberducking it. You should obviously replace yourNetlinkID with your actual Netlink ID — and be sure to use just the username, drop the “”.
Option 2: command line. You should obviously replace yourNetlinkID with your actual Netlink ID — and be sure to use just the username, drop the “”.


The directory structure of your web space is very simple:

├── mail
│ ├── deleted
│ ├── drafts
│ └── outbox
├── mail.backup
└── www

The INBOX, mail, and mail.backup files/folders are created by UVic’s webmail system, so leave those alone. Any changes you might be able to make will be overwritten by the mail server software, anyway.


Unlike the mail related folders, the www directory is aaall yours.

You can create files and folders within this folder; you can drop a complete prebuilt or templated website; or you can write an obligatory “Hello, World!” page if you’re new to the whole “web” thing.

Whatever you choose, the index.html file at the root of your www folder will be served at your address, which is (once again)


note the tilde before yourNetlinkID: “~”

File Server

If you’re not interested in having an actual webpage up, and would rather just serve files from your address, the process is largely the same.

Upload any files you want to make available to the www folder.

Important: any files you upload to your web space will become public IMMEDIATELY.

Example 1

You upload a PDF named biology.pdf to your www folder. That file is now available at:

Example 2

You create a folder named images in your www folder. You then upload an image named ducks.jpg to that newly created folder. That file is now available at:

Further Information

  • Each account is allocated 1GB of disk space.
  • UVic has recently updated their documentation on web spaces, so for further information, see the “Your UVic web space” info page.
  • I have inquired about custom domain names and was told that, alas, UVic does not support them for student/faculty personal web spaces. CNAME files are ignored altogether by the web server.

As always - if you have any questions or issues, hit me up on Twitter. ✌️

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