How I Tripled A Customer Base In 30 days

The Jones Effect: Often used as a sales term to describe how to motivate a potential buyer to buy based on what other people are doing. Also referred to as “Keeping up with the Jones’s.”

Infographic: A visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.

It can be overwhelming to a growth team when it’s time to enter a new market.

New market = new customers = new knowledge base required

I found that a solution to this steep learning curve is testing with large amounts of smaller customers quickly. Once you nail down exactly what the customers in the industry require (value prop), you can go after the larger leads.

When I faced this learning curve early last year, I architected a hack to grow our customer base as quickly as possible to nail both what our customers wanted and industry-wide brand awareness.

Brand awareness = trust = larger customers/leads

I chose to mix an infographic with the Jones Effect.

My content manager and I created a basic industry landscape graphic including only well-known company logos. Intentionally leaving out the companies we wanted to attract. I promoted the infographic to the companies we did not include and were interested in partnering with.

To show the progression I’ve included the different iterations of the landscape graphic.

This is the original landscape graphic we promoted through our newsletter and social media channels:

1st Iteration

33 logos with 3 official partners

We started by including 33 logos of well-known companies in different states we wanted to begin working in. At the time, we had 3 partners.

Overnight I saw an explosive response from both the companies we had and had not promoted the graphic to. The companies excluded wanted their logo to be included and the companies included wanted to learn more.

I responded to all inquiries with:

“I’d love to discuss adding your logo on a quick intro phone call.”

To show the progress over 30 days I’ve added the next two iterations of the graphic.

2nd Iteration

15 days later we had a total of 5 partners

3rd Iteration

30 days later with a total of 9 partners.

Pitching a new company every day for 30 days (30 companies) while promoting this graphic translated into 6 new partnerships. (from 3 to 9 partnerships) That’s about a 20% partnership conversion. Eventually, 30% of the remaining companies on the graphic converted to partners.

This infographic cost a total of 5 hours and roughly $100 in social promotion.

Our new partners were happy with our service and we gained huge amounts of industry knowledge FAST.

Side note: When promoting this graphic and pitching new potential customers I kept all the rebuttals and questions from customers in a shared Google Doc for the team to refer to. This doc helped everyone understand what was happening on the front lines. Your team should always know both the good and the bad.

Transparency is key when you’re working 18-hour days ;)

Happy Infographic’ing