The Future Of Education

Education is currently going through an “adapt or die” shift.

Accelerated learning programs (also known as bootcamps) are changing the way people learn around the world. These programs cost roughly $10k, last 8–24 weeks, and lead to employment as a software developer, data scientist, designer, or marketer. This education on average is 1/3 the cost of one year at a university.

The Millennial generation wants valuable education fast, for a relatively low cost.

Millennials want to optimize their education and start careers. Paying $30-$60k for a year at a university is far from optimal when $10k and 12 weeks can translate into a high paying career.

After attending a program myself (Startup Institute of Boston) in 2013 and experiencing the insane value it provided first hand, I co-founded a company to lower the barrier financially for future students.

In 2014, the accelerated learning industry grew almost 300%. Since then I’ve developed relationships with over 100 accelerated learning programs across 5 continents.

In my conversations with the amazing entrepreneurs and engineers starting these programs, I’ve heard dozens of different tactics and target demographics.

However, one demographic in particular stuck out, the underrepresented.

One thing many people don’t know is that this demographic was the primary reason we were invited to the White House in September 2014 for a brainstorming session.

Shortly after the brainstorming session, in January 2015 President Obama announced the TechHire initiative would be injecting $100M into accelerated learning programs across the U.S.

The purpose is to bridge the gap in tech and fuel underrepresented students to fill one million jobs by 2020.

This was an extremely validating moment for the industry and our team.

We took off running after the announcement by working around the clock to finance as many students accepted into our partner schools as possible.

We believed that accelerated learning programs are new, so the finance option should be as well.

Last week we announced that we’re taking the next step towards changing the industry in a huge way. Our team has joined Affirm to supercharge accelerated learning programs across the country.

This is an exciting time for education and we could not be happier to be fueling the top schools making the difference.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
- Aristotle

Education is changing.

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