Why Your Company Blog Should Be on Medium

Medium has done an amazing job creating a community of engaged publishers and readers.

Their self-propelled community stays engaged through readers following publishers. When readers follow great publishers they’re agreeing to automatically receive new post updates via email.

As a business publishing content, your primary goal is reaching customers. Entrepreneurs and marketers reach customers in thousands of unique ways, some converting better than others.

The well known best long-term strategy for growth is through publishing valuable content. Millions of potential customers can be reached through publishing your content on WordPress, Tumblr, Svbtle, Quora, and of course Medium.

But there is a disconnect. On normal content platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, you have to add the ability to subscribe to a newsletter or sign up for a service. When you ask a reader to enter their email address on a blog you willhave a low conversion.

Call to action = Friction

Once a percentage of readers have subscribed to your newsletter and/or service from your blog, you’ll need to reach out to them via email, often triggering another drop-off. (low conversion) The average newsletter is opened less than 10% of the time and click-through rates from those emails are drastically less. With the amount of effort it takes to design and send a newsletter compared to the outcome, it can be difficult advocating for their importance.

The solution, a Medium blog for your company.

When a reader follows your company on Medium, you get to skip these drop-offs. Readers and publishers follow a blog to get updates right to their inbox every time something is posted.

No emails needed = low drop-off.

Every time you post, Medium automatically sends it to the inbox of every follower, keeping them engaged and most importantly interested in what your company does. If I sent a newsletter every time I posted on WordPress, a large percentage of my following would most likely unsubscribe. There is some psychology behind it and Medium recognized that, early.

They brilliantly weaved individual publisher updates in by sending community-wide updates. This made daily updates the status quo. For example, they’ll send “today’s popular posts,” providing less friction for when you receive the individual updates from the publishers you follow.

In theory, if you posted every day your following would be emailed and you could drive traffic automatically. Of course, that’s much easier said than done.

With no email needed, slick design, automated emails to your followers, and simplistic analytics, you should move your company blog to Medium.

Here are two of my favorite VC firms leveraging Medium for their blog:
General Catalyst

Test. Build. Learn. Automate