I asked him to smile but he could not. Allow me to introduce you to Blaise, a young boy, I met a few hours ago, as I walked the streets of Akwa. Blaise is a street child. After the death of his father, he was left with his aunt in Yaounde. The latter had some issues with her husband, and that’s how Blaise got expelled from the house. Now, he is in Douala. Every day, he collects old bottles and then, sells them at the train station to get something to eat. Every day, even amidst the garbage. He told me he could not go further than 5th grade, because he had to stop school. Nevertheless, I have to say, I was impressed by his mastery of the French language. I asked him: “If someone would like to help you now, what would you ask? Because even though I give you some money now, it will only be something temporary. Blaise answered to me: “My only wish is to return to school.” Then I asked him how he saw himself in the future, what was his dream? And he told me: “I want to be a computer engineer.” I was deeply touched in my heart. And I promised him to find some help. My people! A wise man once said “You cannot help everyone in the same way, but when you have the opportunity to help someone, do it as you would have wanted to do for everyone.” I asked Blaise permission to take photos of him, promising to share his story with others who certainly will be keen to help. Let us join our strength, to give to this young man a bit of hope and allow him to realize his dreams.

Originally published at www.leetchi.com.