Improving customers journey

There is no one way to deliver compelling experience. What matters to consumers is how current experience delivers value. This means whatever experience we seek to bring to the market today, is as important as the previous experience.

With connectivity products history is not exclusively tied to performance: Customers perceptions are fragile Companies willing to recreate and improve consumer’s experience can make a difference.

Creating experience either for a sales or enrollment requires effort that are almost insurmountable, there are enough voices screaming in our head why we should do things halfway: if we start at all. I.e. when our ability to perceive and understand a product is not instant.

How customers adopt a culture depends on their ability to perceive and understand. Their ability to perceive and understand in turn is triggered by lot of factors significantly, the prior experience. Computer is not the problem, its people. Effective companies enhance its customer’s IQ to quickly understands and accommodate complexities and the novelty of products. And this happens when they care enough to continuously cross-pollinate ideas between novelty and history.

Customers journey to buy a product or engage in activities needs attention from what they know. This is how we know when to fit-in or innovate.