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It’s been a few years, well 5 years, since the last time I redesigned my website and roughly 2 years since my last blog post, excluding work related posts.


A little history behind my personal website…

I purchased in 2010 because owning a dot com was “da bomb” as…

Maybe you’ve heard of JavaScript Proxy and think, “Hey that’s cool and such, but what should I use it for?” Don’t worry, I thought this too until recently when I needed a catch-all solution. …

Two work horses represent both ESM and CJS builds

Today, in 2017, many evergreen browsers support ES6 Modules out of the box. Some browsers have it hidden behind a flag, including Node.js. But is it possible to support old and new environments with the same npm package? Yes!

Editor’s Note: ES6 Modules are sometimes referred to as ES2015 Modules…

I recently found out about Mozilla Observatory and ran my website through the tool. The results were depressing…a big, fat, ugly F. For those of you not familiar with grading in the US, an F is the lowest grade possible. It’s like a punch in the face to my pride.

Observatory results for

Promises are well-known in the JavaScript community since they landed in Chrome 32 (Jan 2014) and in Node.js 0.12 (Feb 2015). They were formally introduced as part of the ES6 (ES2015) spec and are even more important in 2017 due to the async/await primitives that landed in Chrome 55 (Dec…


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