Jean-marc Bagoée — The Comeback Kid — Style Compass Media

Jean-marc Bagoée — The Comeback Kid — Style Compass Media ,


Please introduce yourself.

Hey you, I am Jean-Marc, I come from Martinique a small French colony in the West Indies.

What are your origins?

Well my last name is a slave’s name. My ancestors on my dad’s side were deported from Africa and, a Chinese immigrant. (my great great grandad’s name was Pong Song hahah) and my mum is from Belgium.

Was music a part of your childhood, and what type of music did you

listen to?

What is your first memory of a song, or music you heard which resonated to your soul?

When did you first begin to travel, and what lesson did you learn from traveling which you still keep to this day?

I was fortunate enough to travel early on. I’ve spent a lot of time in The States and, Asia. It taught me that the country where I am from, does not totally define who I am.

What brought you to Bali?


What do you do to relax?


What excites you?

My dreams and, I’m coming at them like a spider monkey.

At the moment, attending the further future festival is like a dream come true.

If you could choose another career, what would it be?

I wouldn’t.

What projects have you worked on?

Well too much to say, it always revolved around connecting music and, the arts to deliver the ultimate entertainment. I guess this off Broadway show called La Guarda when I was 14. The work of Carlito Dalceggio, DEEPLY INSPIRED ME. (cique du soleil) which I happened to represent at XS art gallery in Paris when I was 21.

What current projects do you have in store?

I’m currently selling 3d mapping in Asia.

You call your group of friends, your ‘tribe’, what does this mean to you?


What personal, or professional goals have you set for yourself?

To become a better person everyday, I still have a lot of work to do ;-), on the professional side I’m on my path

If a party were to be hosted in your honor, what speech would you give, and what would you want your tribe to walk away feeling, or thinking about you?

Yeah well my tribe knows all about me and, they love me anyways. I don’t think a speech would alter their perception. I would just make sure that they leave feeling little better than when they showed up.

What makes you wake up in the morning? Yes this was once a question you asked me.

Haha you’re good, you answered that, love of course, but surfing to be more specific.

What makes you fall in love?

Intelligence, education, values, and a huge….sense of humor

Editor’s Note :

For those who have yet to meet Jean-marc, or to know him personally.

I think this Kanye West quote, best sums him up.

Why is Jean Marc able to make moves in circles most people can only dream about?

‘Because his life is dope, and he does dope shit…’ — Kanye West


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Originally published at on April 19, 2016.