Welcome to the styledotmum fashion campaign

Once you become a mum it is extremely hard to have a spare moment for you and for some reason even though it makes a big difference to how you feel all day long putting time aside to plan tomorrows outfit seems like such a ridiculous extravagance.

Style dot mum fashion campaign is here to give mums some daily fashion inspiration. So whilst you are yet again throwing away an unwanted meal and listening to some rather overwhelming background noise you can have a quick peek at the styledotmum page and hopefully be able to find something to inspire your outfit for the day.

A fashion edit — There will be some trend driven, seasonal, classic, creative and practical finds from the highstreet, online, boutiques and directly from designers. Some will be affordable and some completely indulgent but at the same time inspirational.

Stylish mums — I will be asking for the assistance of some very lovely mums to bring to you ideas on where they shop, what are their go to outfits and what they consider to be their capsule wardrobe.

Styling — we will be looking at different styles from classic to layering, polka dots, lace, feather and sequins. Delivering some styling ideas for old and new clothes and some upcycling.

Extras — There will also be ideas for family days out, coffees shops and cocktail reviews….obviously!

Fitness — ideas for quick workouts, mindfullness and yoga with be sprinkled into the the mix.

If you are always looking in your wardrobe for something to chuck on but see nothing worth wearing then Styledotmum might just be able to assist you.

Thanks for reading


Style dot mum