What to consider when choosing a nail salon in Fresh Meadows, NY

Many of us visit our favorite nail salons whenever we feel like giving ourselves that luxurious treat. But have you ever wondered if your nail salon is offering you value for your money? Do you sometimes feel like they’ve given you a substandard service? Perhaps it’s time to look for a new nail salon. But before you start shopping for a new one, here are a couple of things you need to think through.

How much do you spend?

The money you spend at your nail salon should be totally worth it. They need to do all it takes to keep you coming back for more. Having a simple manicure can cost you anything from $10 to $50 depending on where you visit and what you want done on your nails. A nail salon in Fresh Meadows NY located in a suburb will certainly cost you more but many of them will uphold high standards of professionalism, cleanliness and they have the skills in a variety of techniques to make your nails look great.

How well do they disinfect their tools?

Nail infections are common and they often occur when you get manicures and pedicures from nail salons that don’t disinfect their tools well or reuse dirty tools. Keep a close eye on your nail technician the next time you pay them a visit and take note of whoever is using dirty tools on you.

Every state has cosmetology laws that govern what tools and techniques are approved. You also need to ask your nail technician how they disinfect their tools. Look for a nails salon in Fresh Meadows NY that use liquid disinfectants as well as autoclave which is a machine that uses pressure and steam to kill all germs that might find their way in your nails.

Some salons also use legal chemical solutions to sterilize their tools. An autoclave is known to kill 100% of germs and some states require nail salons to have this by law. Just ask the salon manager the kind of disinfectants they use to get an idea of how safe you are.

How clean is the nail salon?

Cleanliness is an important aspect of any beauty salon. If you often visit your salon and find toenails and fingernails all over the floor then you might have to question their level of cleanliness. Choose technicians who are ready to clean up after every service and give clients the right impression of their business. You may even visit their bathroom and take a look at how well it is maintained. It is usually a sign that they pay attention to cleanliness.

Do you ever feel pain after visiting the nail salon?

They say no pain, no gain but this shouldn’t be the case when having your nails done. Pain is such a huge sign that something has gone wrong. Some nail technicians end up scratching the skin when they use files, cuticle removers and drills that are somewhat aggressive on the skin. There are cases where blood comes out and in others it does not.

Regardless of whether blood is visible or not, you are not supposed to experience any form of scarring at the nail salon. These scars create a portal of entry for invisible organisms. You visit the nails salon in Fresh Meadows NY for time to relax and unwind so you need to ensure that your nail technician is gentle and makes you feel comfortable throughout.

Protecting yourself from nail infections

If you are planning on visiting the nail salon, avoid shaving before getting a manicure or pedicure done. When you shave your legs, you expose the skin to a lot of infections because of the open pores. Furthermore, nail technicians don’t mind working on your hairy legs so there’s no need to shave before your next manicure..

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