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Any advice on decoration you can find will tell you that when it’s time to choose curtains for your place is better to think functionality over style. This will help you narrow down your quest and you’ll be able to focus in getting something that looks good, and specially aimed at your window or balcony. Curtains are made to avoid excessive lighting in a room and to provide privacy at the same time. Sometimes they are just a decorative piece for a window. No matter the function, making the right choice will enhance the looks of the space we choose to use them.

In the past, a curtain used to be a tailored piece of fabric that would lose its shine as long as they were hanged and exposed to the elements. Today a curtain is made with top-technology fabrics and they can endurewhat the elements throw at them for a long period of time. Lining and interlining are the top choice for quality curtains that stand the test of time without losing their good looks or discoloring because continued sunlight exposition. If you check for Curtains in Melbourne Western Suburbs, you’ll see what Styleline House Window Furnishing and Home Improvements have to show for it.

Next up we’ll offer some advice about what you should check when you are picking a set of curtains for your place.

Check the Fabric and the Colors

The way to begin checking samples while looking for the right curtain is to look for the best texture, the right color, or the best print and patterns. Think about what goes down in the room you want to outfit, that will let you know the right mood for it. Picking colors has to go hand to hand with your wall colors, either to match them or to create contrast. If you are going for print or pattern designs make sure they go along with your decoration.

Check the right length

Curtains that hit the floor have become a standard for some time now. They look better and less clunky than short curtains. They will fall back very easy and into place if you keep opening and closing them for any given reason.

Check the right measure for your curtains

Measuring your window plays a big part on this. Also the design of your widow is to be considered. You may have a nice frame that you want to cover, but if that is not a concern then you should be getting curtains that are 2 sizes bigger than the measure of your window. You’ll hang them depending on the amount of light you want to cover, either 6 inches over the frame or lined up with it.

Check the handle

You’ll need a rod to hang your curtains; from there you have to make a choice on how you’ll hang them from it. You can choose hooks, rob-pocket heading, pleated heading or tab-top heading. All of them have something to show for the personal style of your choice.

Since you are decorating your place you can use these pointers as a guide to make the right choice, but if by any reason you feel unsure, you can always check to get a good deal and some guidance on what to do.

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