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Gratitude expands our capacity to experience life beyond its face value. It teaches us to be kind by connecting with the universal gifts which remind us to fill our cup full with blessings which may include family, friends, provisions, new opportunities and even good surprises. It’s easier to extend kindness to others when we’re kinder to ourselves.

After all, we can’t share with others what we aren’t able to offer ourselves. Gratitude, like love, is a conditioned trait we must nurture in our daily practice to truly tap within the abundant flows of life.

Abundance comes in all forms, it’s a priceless and timeless asset. While one person may desire better health another person may yearn for a simple gesture like a hug. We can strengthen the thread of humanity by elevating the quality of our human connection through acts of service.

It’s a common misconception that gratitude is predominantly intertwined with materialism leading those with limited resources to think they can’t participate in the expansive world of generosity. When society projects its views onto people on how to define success within set parameters, often people result in settling for less in life without realizing it.

As the owner of your life, you determine what success is and how you choose to dress it over the course of your lifetime.

Most people are wealthy beyond their expectations but fail to recognize how wealth greets them everyday through the small blessings that deliver significant value over time. These blessings can range from a breathtaking sunset to a simple cup of strong coffee.

Living ‘can’ be full of joy if we allow ourselves to trust life to reveal itself. When we fear, we mask our magnetic beings from receiving universal support that helps us align with our goals.

People need to acknowledge that manifestation isn’t about creating or reinventing the wheel, it’s about attracting progress into our path. Key word — attraction.

We don’t attract what we want, we attract based on who we are today.

If a person is slacking off in growth while desiring a lofty goal, there’s clearly a misalignment present. What should this person do? Start working on themselves to welcome a better life that affords them an opportunity to not only say grace but also pay forward their gratitude through action.

Action paired with gratitude and belief can yield magnificent results beyond our expectations! Lip service and testing the universe doesn’t deliver results. The person engaging in these emotionally detached acts result solely in cheating themselves. Integrating gratitude, one of the highest forms of vibration, into one’s regimen can start shifting one’s perspective sooner than later.

When we recognize the number of blessings that surround us daily even when the world feels to be falling apart, there’s a sense of mental and emotional security that wraps our heart. It feeds our confidence while reaffirming that while each day can be unpredictable, there’s still more to look forward to tomorrow.

Small things add up developing into greater things which can move the needle for the better or worse in one’s life path. If the world was created in balance, we need to strike a healthier balance between being a generous contributor at the same time appreciating the role of a receiver too.

It’s important to value giving and receiving, in its respective time and space, without planting a seed of resentment if the imbalance grows over time.

Giving at all times can become exhausting for many folks just as always receiving can turn monotonous which can breed manifestation blocks.

If the universe learns you’re a hoarder (or possibly even greedy) who will refrain from sharing its gifts, then why should it trust you to be a valued Samaritan in society?

Gratitude involves a certain degree of trust in knowing you can receive (and manage) more blessings in your life if you’re willing to make the world a bit better compared to when you joined it.

Expanding the capacity to give and receive works hand in hand.

As the last few years appear to be a blur in the rearview mirror, clearly time doesn’t hold still for anyone anywhere in the world. A silver lining still lingers in our daily lives whether we acknowledge it or not. Instead of attempting to make up for lost time from the past, everyone is encouraged to focus on the present moment. Not a second prior nor a second forward — only this moment.

Even when people think they’re down on their luck, there’s still an iota of favor working in their life. The fact we’re blessed to wake up another day to witness life’s creations lets us know we’re needed on this planet for a reason.

Gratitude goes beyond a “thank you”.

It teaches us to live our abundant lives without getting entrapped in keeping score of one’s virtues and vices.

It challenges us to develop harmonious relationships in a very connected world that can feel isolating at times.

It demands us to expand our capacity to welcome new experiences through trusting life more.

It encourages us to let go of what no longer serves our growth to receive what aligns with our present selves.

It grants us an appreciation for others as we discover how the circle of kindness impacts our quality of life.

It nourishes us to live our best lives in style…🙏

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