A woman’s guide to heels

Heels are a necessity to complete any look of a woman from office-sophisticated to party-glamorous. However, a few blunders in choosing heels can cost you a lot. Styletag has brought a few tips that can help you to look stylish in heels.

First thing to know

The vertical height of your heels is not the sole element to focus upon. When it comes to heels, arch and width are two necessary elements which make them look stylish and your feet, comfortable.

The arch platform on the front gives support to your legs in heels. A five inch heels with three inch arch platform are more comfortable to walk in then a five inch heels without a platform.

· Wedge heels

Wedges are the most comfortable heels to walk in as their heels covers the entire length of the foot uniting it with the sole, giving it sturdier touch. Therefore, they offer more arch support. Wedges are the go to shoes for every occasion and style for they are elegant and comfortable simultaneously to pull off your every look.

· Kitten heels

These are short, slim with maximum 2 inches of height. They can be a perfect match for ankle revealing ¾ pants. Sandals are often made with kitten heels as they can be worn by people of every age.

· Stilettos

These are long, thin heels of height that can go up to 8 inches. Named after a dagger, these are called needle heels, an apt name to suit the sharpness of heels. Stilettos are the sexiest of all heels. They heavy arch stilettos and flat stilettos

· Boot heels

Boot heels are different than other heels as they are wider and sturdier. These can appear you look taller, leaner and more confident. They can be matched with jeans and skirts as well. Though avoid matching it with skirts longer than knee length.

· Medium heels

Wider heels of 3–5 inches are medium heels. They are longer and yet comfortable that can be used to make you look taller and slim. These can be matched with all kinds of single piece dresses as well as your office wear.