A Quote So Good It Makes You Stop & Contemplate the Meaning of Life…If You’re an Entrepreneur.

The other day someone sent me an email asking me for one of my favorite quotes about business, knowing that I’m a huge fan of genuine, spine-tingling, soul-touching quotes.

I stood up and started walking around my room, not to think, but because all four of my “office” walls are covered in quotes. Like Stevie said, “It’s the writing on the wall”.

When I saw this quote I completely froze, no lie. I don’t remember ever writing it, I don’t even remember ever hearing it before, but at that moment it seemed to sum up my whole existence, everything I wanted to be, and everything that was stopping me from achieving that success.

The quote was given by a HBS professor, Howard Stevenson, over 30 years when he was asked what his definition of entrepreneurship is, he said:

“Entrepreneurship is the relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.”

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. All it takes is courage. You don’t have to have a million dollars in revenue or have a million users on you app to be an entrepreneur. What you need is a burning desire to succeed and a relentless drive to stop at nothing.

I no longer feel as though I don’t have the privilege to call myself an entrepreneur because my awesome hoodies haven’t made me rich yet.

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