Follow your Crazyheart!

Experimental, edgy and chic perfectly describes Crazyheart, the unique label created by designer Ruchi in 2012. The young designer is known for her artistic flair and innovative pieces that make a bold statement!

In India, classic traditional wear is the norm, so it’s refreshing to see a designer with a brand new concept that is completely wearable for both the Indian and Western market. Her designs are inspired by the chaos and beauty of India and incorporate tie-dyes, prints and vibrant colours which are all created by hand in a traditional Rajasthani method.

The latest collection is playful and daring, flowing fabrics and hippie-esque prints are perfect for the individualistic woman who won’t sacrifice comfort for style! We were so excited to get our hands on some of the hottest pieces!

Japanese photographer, Eri Harada, is the face of Crazyheart’s latest collection

Eri rocking a super cute Crazyheart jumpsuit

Our two favorite picks from the newest collection!

Ruchi and us having fun and goofing around during the shoot!

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Originally published at on July 3, 2015.

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