Soludos Shoes: Review

Abi Khait

Soludos was founded in 2010 in Soho, NYC. The brand’s goal is to create comfortable, stylish footwear for your next vacation or a day at a beach. Easy, right? Soludos’ shoes are inspired by its ambassadors’ travel adventures and aim to bring color, comfort, and style into a beautiful mixture of a perfect shoe.

I hit the website and instantly was inspired by images of various locations and fabulous shoes. I wanted to book my next vacation asap. Then I realized that I have a hubby and two kids. Not so fast. So I settled on ordering a few pairs of shoes instead.

When I received my order, I instantly fell in love with simple yet stylish designs. The shoes were very comfortable with excellent arch support. I needed a new pair of sandals, and I kept Mila sandal. On the first day, I walked for about 4–5 hours in them, actively walking, and they proved to be very comfortable.

I also liked Capri and Collette heels a lot! I do not need any more shoes right now, but I will be coming back for these two. Capri has super soft insoles and lovely design. Collette heel is a dressier option with the high heel; so fun and sexy!

Mila Slide Sandals

Here is what I got in my order:

Capri Midheel in blush $129.

The moment I slid my feet into these, I was shocked by their soft insoles. They were so soft and welcoming. The wide block heel provided stability and added to the comfort. These are the most comfortable heel sandals I have ever tried.


Mila Slide Sandal in black $99.

These were a keeper. I was looking for a pair of new sandals, and these were it. So stylish and comfy that I could not resist. These offer enough coverage and hold my feet securely in place. Loved them!


Mezcal Smoking Slipper $85.

These look fun and are comfortable, but they are not my jam. They were a little bit tight around my toes, and I could not see a way to work these into my wardrobe.


Suede Collette Heel in Marigold $149.

These are a high heel shoe at about 4' inches tall. But even though they are high, the shoes are very comfortable. They do run a little bit large.


Lyon Wedge Espadrille in Cherry $109.

These are adorable to wear with jeans or a dress. Again, very comfortable. These are bright and fun to wear. My feet felt very secured. Platforms are not my thing, but I highly suggest trying these if you are into this style.

Lyon Wedge Espadrille

Overall, I was impressed. The shoes proved to be stylish and comfortable. I highly recommend trying these out. Ordering and returns are easy, so you have nothing to fear. Give them a try!

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Abi Khait

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Abi Khait

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