A Stylework Experience — Namita Das,Travel Blogger

It was after an hour of my mother’s and my ever-ringing alarm’s combined efforts that I decided to oblige the entirety. It was 10 am already, and it was going to be a long day, given the amount of work I’d taken on. It was after infusing my very nerves with caffeine, it was finally time to start working. Freelancing has its own perks- I don’t need to change out of my pyjamas and sit with my spine straight for eight hours in front of a computer. Slouching is allowed, you know.

Convincing my neighbours and relatives that I actually draw money from what I do all day on my laptop- well, that’s more of a task.

It was while contemplating how different would living away from my family be that I realised that I didn’t have a pen. Keeping the laptop aside, I set out on my stationery-hunt.

It was after robbing my brother of his priced stationery, I recharged my modem with another 2GB of data. Yes, we freelancers mostly run on caffeine and internet.

Thirty minutes into work, I hear my Dad call out my name. And whether you’re 5 or 25, if Dad calls, you run! He’d stumbled upon a term called “co-working spaces” while surfing and demanded a discussion. That discussion however ended with us discussing the impact of the implementation of GST!

It was 3pm already and that’s when the realisation struck. Half the day had gone by.

I needed quiet. I needed an organised desk maybe. At least a place where all I needed to do was my work and not spend half the time preparing for work. I would’ve given an arm for 3–4 hours of undisturbed work then.

That was when I decided to give co-working spaces a try; something I was theoretically advocating a while ago.

And it turned out to be serendipitous. As if their aim is to make your work lighter. It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to run to different ends to procure stationery and there’s seamless Wi-Fi and some coffee, all together!

Your work is some serious business. It defines you to the better part of the world. What’s important is to respect it, have it respected and most importantly- working on your own terms.