The ROI of doing

Well done is better than well said. ~Benjamin Franklin

By taking actions, in my personal and professional life helps me in saving time. Time is a resource that we cannot afford to waste and by talking and not doing means wastage of time. Time is probably the most valuable asset we have as humans and we need to be able to allocate our time effectively and make sure that we spend it doing and making things happen.

If anyone is proof that taking the plunge, so to speak, works, Richard Branson is. In his book ‘Screw It Let’s Do It’ he brings to life the motto If something is what you really want to do, just do it.”​Aged twenty seven Branson fell in love with Necker Island and so asked the owner how much it was to buy. He received the answer of £3,000,000 to which he boldly bargained for £150,000. The owner eventually offered it for £180,000 — great news but, the only problem was that Branson didn’t have the money. He still agreed — he took a huge risk but, through steely determination and kindness from family, he managed to buy his own island. It all starts by taking actions.

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement. ~Alfred Adler

Doing things has significant “Returns on Investment” in the form of building trust among people. When people realize that you are an individual who does not make cheap talk but put actions to work at the right time, they trust you. In business, this would mean an increase in your customer base because you will attract more potential clients who want an efficient and reliable business partner that does not waste their time.

Furthermore, by doing things, you can expand your business and ensure there is constant growth. In order to realize progress, you must keep on working , innovate and doing things and not remain stagnant at one position in life.

When you do things, not always will everything turn out as you want and as planned. There are times, (not just a few but many times), that I have experienced failure in my life. However, the failures have been of great help and importance towards my growth and progress. The experiences that I get and the lessons that I learn from the mistakes and the failures I experience as a result of doing things is worth the time as compared to not doing anything. Initially I thought that failure marks the end of any undergoing endeavor. My thinking as far as failure is concerned shifted in that I came to realize that failure is not the end. I came to understand that every time I experience failure gives me an opportunity to learn new things that will prevent me from committing the same mistake again. I concluded that as an entrepreneur, I should embrace challenges, accept mistakes, and never give up.

Definitely, there is a greater Return on Investment when we do things than talk. We should take that step, that leap of faith, and start doing things if we are to realize a change in our lives and businesses.