Styling 101 — Dressing Sense

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3 min readOct 19, 2019

We, humans, are just creatures. Whatever we may like to think, we have been taught the ways of the world by our society. We have learnt most of the things we know either from our parents, our friends, our teachers and books. Nowadays, the internet has most to do about it of course.

Styling 101 — Color Matching

We learnt to eat, few know to eat right. We know to invest. Few know to do it right. We all dress. Few do it right. All of us want to be good at asking out. Very few are good in that.
So what is the path from getting from we to those chosen few. I think it is knowledge.

Fashion, styling, dressing sense are all used to convey how to dress right, appropriately.

Well a good dress serves 3 purposes:

  1. Fit
  2. Function
  3. Good contrast/ visual appeal to observers

Fit is a no brainer. Function is that the dress should be functional. This also includes that the dress is suited appropriately for the occasion. Try wearing a beautiful burgundy cardigan in scorching hot summer. You will be a good looking idiot. I guarantee.

The idea behind color matching is to create a contrast in the eyes of the observer. As an animal, our brain identifies certain colour combinations as sooting and pleasing to the eyes. Others, not so much.

From a man’s point of view, we have basically 3 levels of coverings on our body.

  1. Shirt/Tshirt for upper body
  2. Jeans/shorts for legs
  3. Shoes

There are additional side desserts like that cool beanie, that dapper bracelet, that gangsta bandana. But if you know how to do the 1,2 and #3 right, you will be at baseline style level.

The variations of #1 and #2 will usually lead to 2 channel contrast. If we add 3 components, its 3 channel contrast. Pros usually have great 3 combo.

Stages of styling:

Baseline: once you understand the colours and matching right, you can get comfortable with handling #1 and #2 right. With this you will get the confidence to get started and will understand what to pair with black , when to wear white. Few examples. Pair navy blue upper with sand/black/grey . Pair black tshirt with blue denim. You will also understand what colours are really pleasing and what colours are too stinging to the eyes(parrot green).

You will also get the concept of wearing age specific clothes. No written material as it adds noise to the observer's view.

See the color matching — so on point.

Sightly advanced: This includes you handling your shoes very well. You will understand the importance of shoes in creating the right vibe. Shoes can amplify and add that oomph factor to your dressing.

Bottom line: Shoes make/break the deal.

See how he is killing it in Chelsea boots. Imagine if he had worn white sneakers on the look. He would have added such a casual tinge. Such is the magic of shoes.

Moderately advanced: Now you will love to have fun with solids. You will also develop an affinity for patterns and will try your hand at vertical lines, Oxford check, Cowboy check. This is really where the fun starts.

Advanced: This is the GQ level. You will have understood and will begin to play with the basic subtleties of dressing. Loose clothing for gangster look, Black shirt and black jeans with white sneakers for the concert. Black henley with sand shorts and navy blue converses for that mild summer look. Oh boy!!. You have got the game.

In next piece, I will get down with Baseline stage and provide some examples to bring the topic home. Till then, Peace.