Bounty program

Referral Bounty program link:

CComplete the 5 steps to get 15 Stylocoin for free! Get additional 10 Stylocoin for every Friend you refer! Referred customers will receive additional 5% bonus for the purchase made.The website uses cookies to save the referral information. Referral users just send waves wallet address only waves wallet compatible ( recommended.

Required condition:

Subscribe to any Stylocoin(STYLO) account in our social media and follow the news:

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3.5% (700,000) of the total amount of sold Stylocoin(STYLO) will be available for the Bounty campaigns pool. The tokens will be distributed as follows: signature campaign — 140,000 Stylocoin(STYLO)

Twitter Referral — 140,000 Stylocoin(STYLO)

Face book Referral — 140,000 Stylocoin(STYLO)

Telegram Referral — 140,000 Stylocoin(STYLO)

YouTube Subscriber — 140,000 Stylocoin(STYLO)

Bonuses earned during the campaign will be credited to the

Participant accounts within 2 week after the closing of the Public Token Sale