10 Free Google Chrome Extensions That Will Send Your Productivity Level Flying

Productivity Tools: They are what they repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. This is Aristotle cum myself.

Filling that database, sending emails, answering calls, and responding to people at the same time.

The most painful part is just when you think you’ve accomplished a lot after the day’s work, probably because you were busy multitasking, then a second look tells you that you actually didn’t do much.

The story could be same for your team. And you can imagine the losses at the end of the day, the month, or the year.

The answer

You need proper tools, and Google Chrome comes in handy with the right extensions to help you increase productivity. Let’s dig in.

1. Get Your Ass Back to Work

No matter how disciplined you are towards work, sometimes it just seems the word ‘trust’ wasn’t developed for human beings. We just can’t be trusted. And that is why the ‘Get Your Ass Back to Work’ chrome extension is here to shove your ass and tell you ‘hey’, get back to work.

In Short, GYABTW will annoyingly shut down any website that is wasting your time. Spend 15 seconds on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, and this extension will shut all your social media tabs.

To increase your anger, there will be chrome notifications throwing all sorts of insults at you for being a badass who watch YouTube videos or pet photos instead of getting yourself to work.

This is a fun extension that will get you working and prevent you from wasting time. If you are the type who strives to find inspiration to work, then GYABTW is your friend.

2. The Gorgias Email Extension

If you do send emails, it means you will be engaged in repetitive work, one way or another.

The good thing is you don’t need high-end solutions like “automation”. Leave that to the techies. With just the Gorgias Email Extension, you can simplify repetitive work and increase productivity.

Repetitive Emails? Create a template, access it anytime and begin responding to your clients, teams, or customers.

Your Starting Line? Do you always start your email with Hello? Add that to your template and anytime you press ‘H’ plus the TAB key, it will bring the “Hello” and insert the Name of the person you are sending the email to. Cool, right?

Forgotten a Shortcut? All you need to do is search the database and you have it.

Working with a Team? You can share all your templates with them (That’s the premium version)

3. 3CX Click to Call

What do you do when you search and find a contact on a website? Look at it, type it into your phone, and start making your call.

Well, productivity wasn’t developed for you so unless you want to remain where you are, it’s good finding smart ways of doing things.

3CX Click to Call is your perfect companion.

Directly Dial any number on a website without leaving the web page. It’s just a click away. It will scourge your CRM and identify contact details, helping you make calls when you want.

And it doesn’t matter if your potential number is found in Africa or in the Alps. All you need is a click.

4. Citrus

Just as you are about to close your Facebook page and get to work, that long lost friend sends you a message: a true distraction.

With Citrus, you select web pages that distract you from your normal work. These could be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. Set the timer to keep them behind bars whiles you work. Until the timer is up, probably when you are done with your work, these websites won’t open or give you unwanted pop-ups and notifications.

5. Liner — Private Web/PDF Highlighter

This an extension I love and I know a lot of people use it already. Reading online? Highlight and save anything you want. Instead of saving the whole web page, you can be more productive by saving only your highlights.

You can share your highlights across your team, export and import your favorite reads to and fro your favorite apps for future reading or to Evernote.

Extra 5 Extensions that are high productivity- oriented.

6. Discover DevTools Companion.

This extension challenges you to learn the Chrome Devtools and the new CodeSchool courses. Also, it helps you build strong apps and root out bugs as never before.

7. Popleads.

An extension that simplifies your lead generation and reduces your team’s time spent on manually generating leads. With a click, the extension allows you to generate leads from the web, Google searches, and from LinkedIn.

8. Fenix SEO

This is an SEO and Digital Marketing Extension. It boasts of helping digital marketers and SEO professionals save up to 8 hours a week, that’s 400 hours a year — productivity galore. I haven’t used it before though.

9. Skrapp

An effortless lead generation extension that lets you build leads from your LinkedIn following. Use it to search and find email addresses, names, titles, company, and URLs of your LinkedIn following. You can save, store or transfer your generated leads to your ESP, CRM, Excel, and any file storage service of your choice.

10. Ginger New Tab

Suffering from a grammatical ailment? Ginger New Tab will help improve your writing by checking for spelling, grammar, and sentence issues in your writing. It’s instant, so whiles you type, you can see and correct mistakes.

By the way, this is how you locate a chrome extension.

Open the Chrome Web Store — Find and select the extension you want — Click Add to Chrome. Or Type the name of the extension in the Search Extension bar at the upper left side of your chrome browser.

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