In preparation to begin our PRE-ICO sales on 27th September, we decide to release step by step guide to purchase SUAPP Token, we want to ensure all interested participants are able to navigate through the dashboard easily. This prompt us to release this guideline that will enable everyone to benefit from token sales.

Below are instruction to purchase SUP Token:

GET BTC & ETH, TRANSFER IT TO YOUR WALLET e.g Blockchain / Coinbase.

There are a few ways to get Bitcoin & Ethereum. We suggest using one of the following:

-Purchasing by bank transfer,

-Purchasing by Credit Card,

-Buying Bitcoin / Ethereum from cryptocurrency Exchange.

We suggest using, or as their interface is easy-to-use.

Please follow the USER GUIDE to purchase SUAPP Token NOW.

STEP 1: Goto , from the MENU Click Sign Up / Sign In to redirect you to personal Dashboard page

STEP 2: Sign Up by filling every necessary information on the page then verify registration by clicking confirmation link you received in your email.

STEP 3: Enter your Email and Password to access your personal Dashboard.

STEP 4: Click “Wallet” to access Deposit and Withdrawal section.

STEP 5: Click “Deposit” on either BTC / ETH to deposit your choice of cryptocurrency you want to purchase SUP Token with.

STEP 6: Enter deposit amount in USD, e.g $100 .

STEP 7: Dashboard will instantly generate exact amount to deposit, copy it down. Note: Amount generated in crypto-value might change as a result of BTC / ETH price fluctuation.

STEP 8: Click “Generate Address

STEP 9: Send your BTC / ETH to this generated address from any exchange or wallet. Note: Transactions may take some time to appear on the personal dashboard due to blockchain network or low transaction fee.

STEP 10: Click “Buy SUP TokenNote: Once you done with payment, you can check it on your personal dashboard. An email confirming the transaction will be sent to your registered email ID soon!

STEP 11: Check BTC / ETH balance you deposit before decide to purchase SUP Token.

STEP 12: Click “Buy All” to purchase token with all available balance.

STEP 13: The section will instantly calculate the amount your BTC / ETH balance can purchase, or type manually amount of SUP Token to purchase.

STEP 14: Click “Buy Coin” to successfully purchase SUP Token.

STEP 15: Click “Dashboard / Wallet” to view your SUP Token balance.

STEP 16: Click “Profile” to add ERC 20 compatible wallet address that will receive SUP Token after crowdsale. Eg Eidoo, ImToken, Metamask, Parity, Blue & Trust wallet.

STEP 17: Insert your ERC 20 address into the section.

STEP 18: Click “Update” to save

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