SUAPP ICO Extension Announcement

Nov 15, 2018 · 2 min read

We have decided to extend our ICO until 31st January 2019. This is due to general crypto market conditions.
We have considered the realities of the crypto market over the past few months and decided that it’s in nobody’s interest to close the ICO November 15th as earlier planned. We believe their is sunshine at the end of the tunnel, SUAPP project will surely thrive.

Slight change made on SUAPP Token Smart Contract Address can be found (here)

ICO Sale Extended to 31st January 2019. Tokens purchased to date and Bounty will still be issued on 16th November 2018 while Airdrop distribution date will be announce in January 2019.
Every decision made by SUAPP Team is to ensure that we get maximum opportunity for success.

Benefits of purchasing SUAPP Token

1. You get SUAPP Tokens at cheap price during crowdsales.

2. Participants in our ICO get a much better deal, and the tokens can be purchased at a couple of times lower than the price they would rank later on the exchange.

3. This is a perfect way to gain the profit. By the time the ICO is finished, you can sell your SUAPP Tokens on an exchange, sell them for much more than original price you bought them.

4. Investors capitalize on project growth and higher liquidity premiums.

5. Enable Investment in Innovation.

6. Provides access to platform resources.

Note: New purchase links and rules guiding every purchase till January 31st 2019 can be found (here) links

For more information, please visit:




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