Life is made of moments

Someday you gonna be nothing but a piece of memory to others. So make sure, you leave a good one…

It was on October 30 that my maternal grandmother passed away. I received the news a couple of hours earlier. I couldn’t believe what I heard as nothing seemed to make sense. She was just in very good health when I last saw her two weeks ago. I even promised her that I’d definitely make time for my grandpa’s death anniversary which was going to take place the following weekend.

My grandmother suffered from a heart attack, and as I was told she left without pain, and for which I felt thankful.

She was admitted into the hospital at around 5.30 and after 10 minutes she was gone.

The relationship between my grandma and I was definitely not a very intimate one, but it was remarkably memorable nonetheless.

I found myself often felt distant from her since she usually compared me with my first cousin. She didn’t teach me much, maybe that was her way of giving me self- education.❤️

When I was in grade 9, my parents sent me to stay with her and grandpa. She cooked me foods and always asked me to stay clean.

Once grandpa and she got into a fight because he dared to tease her about something. She freaked both my cousin and me out by chasing after him with a big knife. After quite a run, grandpa had no choice but jumping into the river since he knew that she couldn’t swim. Hang, my cousin, and I almost had a heart attack. 😓

Then when I was about 8, Hang and I were so into Chinese martial arts that we started calling each other ‘bro’, and playing with her china sets. We pretended that her tea pot was what we called ‘well fermented wine’ and made toast to each other. During the process, I broke the tea pot but was so frightened thinking what she might do if she was to find out. So we buried the pieces under the mud near the riverbank. I kept reminding Hang not to whisper a word about, but she was raised a good kid and things just slipped her tongue. The next day when I showed up, she started scolding me as soon as she caught sight of see me from a far distance. 😖

Then when my tenth aunt got married, she left us with an umbrella and some lipstick. One rainy day, we put on the lipsticks and took out the umbrella walking around under the rain. She was so furious when she found out later, so Hang and I were scolded badly; but we actually had quite a good time that day. 😊

The time I remember most must be when she threw the cat into the river and chopped out the chicken toes. There was a little kitten, it was quite a stubborn one. It kept opening the lid and ate grandma’s foods. After it had been caught for a few times, grandmother threw it into the river of out anger. When I intended to swim out to save it, she stopped me and forbid me to do so. Luckily, the kitten was quite a swimmer so she actually saved herself. 😪

About the chickens, I’m sure they didn’t know whom they were messing with. They kept on destroying grandma’s vegetables patches. She chased them a number of times. Then one day, the water was really pilled over the glass, she caught the most strong-headed and literally chopped off its toes. We were terrified feeling as if we were watching a scene from horror movie. She was definitely a woman of short-tempered, but was also a warm-hearted one, and I bet she felt guilty afterwards, which was why she took care of the hen and hand-fed it. 😁

Thinking back now, I’m glad that I partly made her dreams come true. She always worried that she might not be able to spend the money which I earned. However, for the past 3 years I always stopped by and gifted her pocket money. I supposed she was happy. I was happy.

I believe that my grandma has gone to a better place. I miss you, grandma.

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