Make your Chrome Omnibox is really Omnibox which knows almost everything about you

Searching item in Google Drive from Omnibox

Do you know the name of the line which you writing/seeing the web page addresses on top of the pages of you are visited? It named by Chrome Browser as “Omnibox”. Omnibox means the knows everything. Why this simple blank named by that? In fact, it is really Omnibox. Because whichever you write there like search terms Chrome knows and shares with you. Well, are everything only this? Of course no. There are a plethora of interesting and useful attributes of Omnibox. Dream it and employ Chrome. Here is how:


Yes! By Omnibox, you can search all of your drive files if you want from your Omnibox.


You can search entire of your emails without going to Gmail


You can directly get the weather of wherever you want just writing “weather of NY” on to Omnibox.

Youtube Video Search


You can search any dictionary you want directly from Omnibox.


Google provides a good service “Google Contacts” and this service synchronizes your Android device with a cloud. It is good for backup and also for accessibility. You can also search all of your contacts from Omnibox.

Specific search from a page

You can search from any search panel of any page. For example, you can search within the Wikipedia from Omnibox.


Write the numbers and operators then get the answer without the click. Omnibox gives you answer directly.


You can retrieve and calculate all foreign currencies from Omnibox

Person of interest/machine

A scene from “Person of Interest”. Samaritan gets commands.

These properties of Omnibox evoked the a scene from “Person of Interest” TV series. The Samaritan (Rival Artificial Intelligence of Machine) gets a command from the simplistic screen.

If you liked these properties here is how is set up it.

Setting Up Omnibox

1: Write this command to Omnibox: chrome://settings/search#search (If you using Chrome in different language translate #search to relevant language)

2: Click top-right button (“Manage search engines”)

3: See the “Other search engines” panel. Click anywhere. You’ll see screen like this:

Search Engine Management Interface of Chrome

4: Heed the rightmost panel. The character of %s means whatever you write on to Omnibox. When you see the result of any page you may see the address like this: if you want to convert this address to Omnibox language change query term with %s . It becomes

5: Heed the middle column. You can write your own shortcut for Omnibox. I used “ti” to search within the

6: Test it. When you write Omnibox your own shortcut “ti” Omnibox will show you:

7: It works. Omnibox is working for you.