How AR, AI and Blockchain will disrupt the Shopping Industry?

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Berman, Germany, 18/04/2019

In context to the new era of shopping platforms and advantages for the industry to attract more and more customers towards their stores which increase the footfall and business of retailers and merchants.

Many people believe that Augmented Reality is just limited to fun and entertainment. However, technology has come a long way since it was introduced in the market. AR, when backed by blockchain technology, creates something of substance for the retailers, merchants & small businesses.

AR helps to build customer relationships at a high level of liveliness by creating physical store experience which can be leveraged by being at the comfort of home. The users can scroll through hundreds of products, putting them in the wish list, and then finalize the list to buy the selected ones. In fact, AR technology, in a physical retail store, goes a step further & allows customers to try products virtually. AR gives the chance to get the items and take a look being at the comfort of their homes, it made the item selection easy by viewing particularly at the place we want to place. AR is focused on creating emotional driven purchase and blockchain, on the other hand, helps in building transparency, trust, and immutability.

SUBAJ- Introducing Blockchain & AI to Street Retail

SUBAJ has employed various technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence to help establish shopping experience which is appropriate and lures customer to buy the exact item that he/she is searching for. The company is the first in the world to introduce blockchain for Street Retail Shopping backed by Augmented Reality. If businesses do not advance themselves with latest technological trends then they are most likely to find themselves left out and see others reaping the maximum benefits of these technologies. AI not only predicts the product which someone is searching but it shows the products that are relevant to the current and previous searches. This allows merchants to showcase right products to a broader audience and get a chance to increase their sales as compared to the previous approaches. With SUBAJ app, this is possible for the merchants.

Blockchain has given a new definition to transactions which used to be so much of hassle for both customers and the merchants. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has introduced a new way of transaction currency in the market. This made the exchanging product or services over the same surface. With SUBAJ, the merchants can address the dysfunctional Loyalty Reward Management by replacing it with new-age crypto-based Loyalty Reward Management.

Addressing the Broken Loyalty Schemes

Also, like the traditional loyalty program used to be engaging the customers physically and gives less opportunity to the merchants as there is a lot of bargaining along with the time consuming but as the time changes the modern loyalty program has given so much to the customer and merchants. Customers can shop anywhere anything along with no hassle of carrying money with them same way merchants can do transactions easier due to multiple payment modes. Blockchain gives the multiple advantages to the merchants and retailers along with the customers using that as due to blockchain retailers can create customized vouchers and loyalty programs which gives helps in increasing the customer engagement among their stores and businesses. Also, SUBAJ’s blockchain platform can help merchants by providing cryptocurrency which made the transactions and process smooth as the use of wallet and different approaches for the payment. This can be traded for Fiat currency as well throughout the globe in SUBAJ network.

Moving Further

Observing all these SUBAJ provided a better platform in a way to the merchants and customers to bring the most unseen and never had experience which attaches and grows the bond. SUBAJ is the source through which merchants and retailers attract the customers through customized offers in the form of Loyalty rewards, Coupons and many more. SUBAJ also added the Pokémon-Go concept which altogether made some revolution for the users. Now customers near to merchants & retailers will be able to get pop-up notification update for the offers and the points they have near which by default will give the retailers to increase the footfall and sales.

SUBAJ Custom Enterprise AR Kit

At SUBAJ, we directly customize AR solution to meet the needs and demands of the customer. It spans from City Tourism where we can Augmented all top hotspots and historical monuments in the city. For example, the customer Enterprise AR Kit would allow the users to access Airport Indoor AR where all POIs and information will be made virtually available. SUBAJ use AI to help customers the best way to either reach their Departure gates, locate Toilets easily, Access the Flight schedules anywhere in Realtime; users can locate specific interest stores or special deals offered by the Stores. The same goes for Hotel chains, Fast-food restaurants, Football Stadium etc.

With the finished MVP, we are ready to revolutionize retail marketing on a global scale! Our whole design and development process is agile and flexible, ready for all the changes that might come up. We have plans to bring AR/AI powered Smart Glasses that are compatible with SUBAJ application too.

Mr. Adebayo Surakatu is globally known for his serial entrepreneurial persona. He has given indelible contribution in the field of Geo-commerce, Retail Commerce, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Geospatial technology. We are #SUBAJ!

“SUBAJ will fix the broken loyal reward schemes using blockchain, we will build a strong network brick by brick”, he said.

A notable aspect of the SUBAJ platform is the strength of the team backing it.


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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this release do not represent the views of SUBAJ or any of its team members.


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