The rational is that most information is delivered from someone else’s perspective and it will not…
Anita Kirkovska

Yes. And some authors try to sell BS to make us realise we lack ‘something’ and then try to give a solution.

One question that bogged me down hard in life was ‘what is my purpose of life’ or ‘why did I take birth’ or ‘is there special meaning of my birth’?

In the end this is what I concluded ultimately: we are simply intelligent animals trying to suppress every other species, screwing this planet and now trying to find a new home. My role is somewhere in this if I call that ‘special’. Sorry, but there is no reason for my birth. I struggle to live, produce new offsprings and then teach them to live somehow. And the cycle will repeat.

Another one is: ‘You can change the world!’. Change the world! This is the favorite one of Steve Jobs.

I ask: can you pull yourself up while lifting your belt up? No. Can you induce a ‘change’ in a system just from inside without applying external force? No. Then how can you change humans while being a human yourself?

You can mere seduce a group of people into thinking like the way you want for the time you’re around. If change can truly be induced, why anybody’s teaching doesn’t stick forever? Why people again come into their normal patterns after the seducer dies? Sorry Apple, but now you suck. Or maybe you always did. Or maybe didn’t. It was a seduction. On you and on us. Nothing was changed.

Nothing can be changed. We just play our character onto this stage of world, and then die. That’s it.

I spent years to find how to truly change the world. I believed Jobs. But I see that we can’t. We can just play our role for something we believe in that point of time. As I said, we are just intelligent animals.

Sorry it became lengthy. I told these things for the first time to someone. ☺